OPG subsidiary set up to help fleets transition to electric power

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has set up a subsidiary dubbed PowerON Energy Solutions, to help fleets set up the charging infrastructure needed to electrify some or all of their fleet. PowerON promises to support large-scale electrification projects by providing turnkey solutions, including: infrastructure delivery and management; operations and maintenance; on-site generation, battery storage and back-up power; and smart charging and energy management.

(Illustration: istock)

“PowerON is leveraging Ontario’s clean electricity to help decarbonize other sectors,” said PowerON’s Theresa Dekker.”We know electrification of transportation is a high impact strategy to help meet climate change goals, and we have the infrastructure and large project expertise necessary to enable municipal and other fleets to make the transition.” “Ontario’s grid, one of the cleanest in the world, is well-placed to support electrification of transportation and other sectors,” added Ontario Minister of Energy Todd Smith. “We welcome creation of PowerON to help Ontario fleets use the province’s clean energy to drive economic growth.”

More info can be found at www.PowerONenergy.ca.