Patel announces Sarah Everard killer inquiry – follow live

Boris Johnson refuses to make misogyny hate crime in wake of Everard case Priti Patel used her Tory conference speech on Tuesday to announce a wave of new measures, including one widely debated in the past week: that there will in fact be an “independent” inquiry into how Sarah Everard‘s killer was able to serve as a police officer. Speaking to delegates in Manchester, the home secretary said the public “have a right to know what systematic failures enabled his continued employment as a police officer” before confirming “there will be an inquiry, to give the independent oversight needed, to ensure something like this can never happen again”.

Explaining the probe’s structure, the Home Office said the first part would examine Wayne Couzens’ conduct leading up to his conviction, as well as any missed opportunities. The second will look at “wider issues across policing”, which could include vetting practices, professional standards and discipline, and workplace behaviour. It comes after Dominic Raab, the justice secretary, similarly used his address to unveil Conservative plans to “overhaul” the Human Rights Act.

He said it was “absolutely perverse” that someone guilty of domestic abuse could “claim the right to family life to trump the public’s interest in deporting him from this country”, adding: “We’ve got to bring this nonsense to an end.”

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