Perverts, drug dealers and rapists

Judges heard details of some vile and terrifying crimes as they sent these criminals to jail. Robbers, rapists and drug dealers were among the many criminals locked up at Newcastle Crown Court in October. Among the longest sentences handed out was the 13-year prison term given to vile pervert Brian Cairns.

Go here for the latest crime news and breaking North East police updates Meanwhile, paedophile Wayne Wilson, who inflicted “appalling sexual assaults on a young girl, was locked up for six months and two months. Here are details of the criminals locked up in October 2021 and their shocking crimes.

Orrie Burns

Orrie Burns, who attacked his ex and a neighbour with a fence post

Violent control freak Orrie Burns attacked his former partner and a neighbour with a fence post in a shocking New Year’s Eve attack. Burns had split with the woman last November after a relationship in which he did not like her socialising with friends or using social media. Despite their split, he continued to try to exert control over her and when she visited him at his mother’s home on December 31 last year he accused her of cheating on him and punched her in the head.

She ended up on the ground and thinks she may have lost consciousness and was kicked and punched. The victim, who asked Burns if he “only hits lasses”, was saved from further violence at that stage by the intervention of Burns’ brother – but her ordeal was not over. She sought refuge at a neighbouring property on Philip Place, Arthurs Hill, Newcastle, and was let inside.

Newcastle Crown Court heard some time later Burns knocked on the door, then smashed the sitting room windows and shouted death threats. A neighbour who had called the police was then approached by Burns at the back of the flats and attacked with a fence post. Despite his protestations he had done nothing wrong, he was repeatedly struck with the wood and punched, breaking his jaw and wisdom tooth and causing swelling to his head.

The neighbour had to have a plate inserted in his jaw, had a “long and painful recovery” and a judge said he could have been killed. She pleaded with him to leave her alone but he told her he was going to kill her. He repeatedly swung the weapon at her head while saying “I am going to kill you stone dead”.

She managed to parry most of the blows but when she tried to flee he followed her and she had to hide in the bathroom for half an hour while he could be heard smashing things in the house, including a TV. The victim went to hospital on New Year’s Day and was found to have head injuries, a soft tissue injury to her arm and a perforated ear drum. Burns, 29, of Philip Place, Arthurs Hill, who has 28 previous convictions, pleaded guilty to GBH, assault occasioning actual bodily harm and affray and was locked up for four years, with a restraining order not to contact the neighbour he attacked.

Shane Gray

Perverts, drug dealers and rapistsShane Gray, convicted killer jailed for controlling coercive behaviour and sexual activity with a child

Violent Shane Gray shockingly played on the fact he had taken another man’s life as part of a campaign of controlling and coercive behaviour against his young girlfriend. And the 31-year-old, who was convicted of manslaughter in 2010, even told her the man he killed “wasn’t laughing in the ground” and that she would be next. Newcastle Crown Court heard how after starting a relationship with his teenage victim in 2018, he began to control her life.

He dictated what the young woman wore, what she ate – to the extent she became extremely thin, and who she saw. The court also heard how Gray strangled her so frequently she took to feigning unconsciousness to make him stop. His victim, who already had mental health issues, ended up cutting her wrists and taking an overdose during two years of hell at his hands.

Paul Newcombe, prosecuting, told how Gray had revealed to his girlfriend that he had a conviction for manslaughter early on in their relationship. Gray, formerly of North Seaton, near Ashington, Northumberland but latterly of Weaver Gardens, Coventry Road, Coventry, pleaded guilty to controlling and coercive behaviour between March 2018 and July 2020. He also admitted four offences of sexual activity with a 13-year-old girl and having indecent images of a child, in separate offences.

He was jailed for seven years and eight months, plus an extended licence period of a further three years. Eduart Rexhaj, Endrit Hodo and Festm Karmi

Perverts, drug dealers and rapistsCannabis farmers Eduart Rexhaj, Endrit Hodo and Festim Kasmi

These three cannabis farmers were caught red-handed when police turned up after a tip-off. Officers responded to reports of suspicious activity at the house in Gateshead and found the property had been converted into a drugs factory.

Newcastle Crown Court heard Eduart Rexhaj, Endrit Hodo and Festm Karmi were among five men in the house at Eastwood Gardens, Felling. The court heard the farm consisted of 104 plants and had an estimated yield worth up to GBP56,000. The trio pleaded guilty to being concerned in the production of cannabis on a limited basis accepted by prosecutors – Karmi saying he was there to tend to just ten plants and the other two saying they were there to crop the plants.

The three men, all from Albania, were sentenced to six months each but have served the sentence already on remand. However the Home Office will decide whether they should be released, based on their immigration status. The estimated value of the farm was between GBP13,000 and GBP56,000, the court was told.

The electricity meter had also been bypassed. Rexhaj, 37, of Second Street, Mansfield, Hodo, 31, of no fixed address and Kasmi, 41, of no fixed address, have no previous conviction in this country. Behzad Rad

Perverts, drug dealers and rapistsBehzad Rad has been given a jail sentence at Newcastle Crown Court

This dealer has been jailed for nearly four years after being found with a stash of drugs with a street value of up to GBP19,000.

Behzad Rad was arrested by police for an unrelated matter and taken to Forth Banks police station in Newcastle. He had a rucksack which had drugs inside including cannabis, cocaine, amphetamine and opium, as well as a set of electronic scales. When officers searched his home they discovered more than GBP1,000 in cash, more cannabis bush and another set of scales.

The drugs had a street value of between GBP15,000 and GBP19,000, Newcastle Crown Court heard. Now Rad, 46, of Redheugh Court, Gateshead, has been sent to prison for three years and 10 months after he pleaded guilty to four offences of possessing drugs with intent to supply. Paul Drewery

Perverts, drug dealers and rapistsPaul Drewery, who sexually assaulted girls in South Tyneside

Three girls were left traumatised after being targeted in a spate of sex attacks by this drunk groper.

Paul Drewery left the youngsters terrified after molesting one in Asda, one crossing a road and trying to sexual assault a third in a park. A court heard the girls all fell victim to the 46-year-old in the space of a few hours. Drewery, who has no previous convictions, was extremely drunk when the offences happened.

Drewery, of Arran Drive, Jarrow, pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual assault and one of attempted sexual assault and was jailed for 12 months. He was also given a sexual harm prevention order and must register as a sex offender, for ten years. Wayne Wilson

Perverts, drug dealers and rapistsWayne Wilson was given a jail sentence at Newcastle Crown Court

This paedophile has been locked up for “appalling” sexual assaults on a young girl – and fleeing to the USA when he was under investigation.

Wayne Wilson assaulted the youngster on around six occasions over a year between 2014 and 2015. His actions came to light after the child told her family and school teachers about the incidents. It was also revealed at Newcastle Crown Court that, while he was under investigation for the offences, Wilson fled the UK and went to America in April 2018, where he used a false name and documents to hide his identity.

Northumbria Police made inquiries after he failed to turn up for a probation appointment and later found that he had been stopped in a vehicle by officers in Kansas, where he was detained for immigration offences. Wilson was escorted back to the UK earlier this year and arrested at Heathrow Airport. Now Wilson, 38, of no fixed abode, has been jailed for six years and two months after pleading guilty to the sexual assault of a girl under the age of 13 and breaching a notification order, which related to his travel to America.

Steven Wastell

Perverts, drug dealers and rapistsSteven Wastell of Annand Court, South Shields appeared at Newcastle Crown Court

This thief stole a pensioner’s handbag while she was out for lunch in Newcastle. Steven Wastell, who was already wanted for failing to appear in court and breaching his bail conditions, swiped the bag from under a table in the Goose pub in Newcastle on September 30. The bag belonged to an 84-year-old woman from Middlesbrough who had come to the city for lunch with a friend and had been at the counter.

Wastell was challenged by door staff as he left the pub but was able to push his way through the doors after acting aggressively towards the staff. Police were contacted and they were able to trace Wastell’s movements through the city, via CCTV and obtained a clear image of his face, which was then distributed to all officers. Northumbria Police’s Sunderland neighbourhood policing team recognised Wastell, who was then arrested and brought into custody.

The 39-year-old, of Annand Court, South Shields, appeared at Newcastle Crown Court and was jailed for six months. Anthony Dial

Perverts, drug dealers and rapistsAnthony Dial, jailed for stalking and harassment

Obsessed Anthony Dial left a woman he barely knew terrified in a sustained stalking campaign – then harassed her daughter and made wild claims that her mum was a prostitute. Dial made contact with the victim on Facebook and she responded out of politeness, having known him as a child.

But he started bombarding her with voice notes and messages, became aggressive when she didn’t reply and started following her. When she blocked him online, he contacted her 16-year-old daughter, started asking about her mum and made “reprehensible” and upsetting claims she was a “hooker”. Now remorseless Dial, of Coronation Street, Blyth, Northumberland, has been locked up for 27 months at Newcastle Crown Court. after admitting stalking the woman and harassing the teenager.

Oliver Lamb

Perverts, drug dealers and rapistsOliver Lamb

Teenager Oliver Lamb has been jailed for assault and having an offensive weapon. A 15-year-old girl said Lamb had assaulted her in the Tyneside Foyer, in Newcastle City Centre and that she managed to escape but he punched her in the face. When police arrived came out with a bat in his hand, shouting and went in front of the police vehicle.

He pleaded guilty to battery and having an offensive weapon. In an earlier offence, around midnight on April 12, police were sent to Walkerdene House, Walker, Newcastle, after an incomplete 999 call by Lamb and they saw a baseball bat with a knife attached to it in his bedroom.

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Three hours later police were called to another address to a disturbance. They detained Lamb and found the same weapon in the area.

He said he couldn’t defend himself with just his fists but didn’t intend to use. Lamb, of Tyneside Foyer, Newcastle, pleaded guilty to having an offensive weapon. He was sentenced to a total of 15 months in a young offenders institution.

Lee Tiffin

Perverts, drug dealers and rapistsLee Tiffin has been jailed for assault

A woman was left looking like the “elephant woman” after being brutally attacked by her partner. During the terrifying assault, Lee Tiffin repeatedly stamped on the victim’s face and violently pulled her by the hair. The woman said she was “battered black and blue” and suffered severe swelling to her face after the attack, Newcastle Crown Court heard.

Now Tiffin, 34, of Hodgsons Road, Blyth, Northumberland, has been jailed for two years after pleading guilty to two offences – assault occasioning actual bodily harm and assault by beating. Leslie Ramsey

Perverts, drug dealers and rapistsLeslie Ramsey

This burglar has been jailed after he was caught breaking into three properties in Jesmond and Gosforth. Leslie Ramsey visited his probation officer on the morning of April 29 but later the same night was spotted breaking into a beauty salon and two houses in Gosforth and Jesmond in three hours, say police.

At around 6.15pm, the 44-year-old broke into a salon on Gosforth High Street where he helped himself to the proceeds of the till before fleeing the scene when disturbed by a member of staff. He then headed to St George’s Terrace where he entered a property after finding an unlocked door, and started looking for items of value. Again, he was disturbed by a resident and left the scene.

Ramsey then continued his crime spree on Landsowne Gardens in Jesmond. He entered a house and helped himself to jewellery from an upstairs bedroom. One of the occupants, who noticed their front door was open, contacted police after seeing Ramsey sprint downstairs and flee the scene.

The burglaries were all reported to police who soon began carrying out extensive CCTV enquiries and swiftly identified Ramsey – who matched the descriptions provided. Ramsey, of Wilfred Street, Byker, was arrested a short time later and charged with three counts of burglary. He appeared at Newcastle Crown Court where he admitted the offences and was jailed for 43 months.

Barry Milton

Perverts, drug dealers and rapistsBarry Milton, who fired a air pistol at people and police in South Shields

Gunman Barry Milton took potshots at members of the public and police during a tense five-hour stand-off. . Milton was armed with what turned out to be an air pistol when he started throwing rocks at volunteer life brigade members and police. A court heard Milton, who was on the wrong side of barriers on a cliff at Frenchman’s Bay, in South Shields, was then seen to be in possession of a gun and he aimed and fired it towards police.

Newcastle Crown Court heard he also started shooting indiscriminately towards passers-by in frightening scenes. A police negotiator was called to the scene but it took five hours to get him to surrender. The 34-year-old, of Osbourne Avenue, South Shields, pleaded guilty to two counts of possessing a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence and has now been jailed for three years and nine months.

Michael Crozier

Perverts, drug dealers and rapistsMichael Crozier, jailed for racially aggravated harassment, common assault and shoplifting

Serial shoplifter, Michael Crozier, left staff terrified with threats and a racist insult when he was challenged for stealing chocolates. Michael Crozier had been on a spree of offences in Blyth, Northumberland, where he stole items from various stores worth hundreds of pounds. The former fork lift truck driver had turned to a life of crime after losing his job, Newcastle Crown Court heard.

When staff in Aldi saw him pinching five boxes of Celebrations chocolates, they went after him and challenged him. He told one worker: “I will hit you if you come closer, what you going to do?” He then picked up a glass bottle and raised it above his head.

The court heard he then said to a female member of staff: “Go back to f****** Hong Kong”. When staff bravely snatched the stolen chocolates back from him, he chased them into the store yelling obscenities in front of shocked customers. Crozier pleaded guilty to racially aggravated harassment, common assault and ten offences of shoplifting.

The 33-year-old 33 of Cowpen Road, Blyth, who has 35 previous convictions, was jailed for six weeks. Michael Kenny

Perverts, drug dealers and rapistsMichael Kenny, jailed for stabbing a neighbour

This knifeman who stabbed a neighbour in the chest and ear following a simmering feud has been jailed. Michael Kenny lived in the same street as his victim and the pair had fallen out, with a verbal altercation taking place last summer.

Since then, the victim said Kenny had intimidated him and his partner, including threats that he was “going to get him”. On January 4 this year, the victim went outside in Marian Court, Gateshead, to his bin and Kenny was standing next to it. Newcastle Crown Court heard Kenny called him a “mug” and added: “You called me something I didn’t like.

This is not going to go away”. Sue Hirst, prosecuting, said: “He approached him and had both hands inside the waistband of his tracksuit bottoms. “He suddenly pulled a knife out and lunged at him, stabbing him in the left ear.”

Kenny then stabbed the man in the side of his chest before the victim was able to run into his home. The court heard the victim’s partner was horrified to look out, on hearing his panicked voice shout her name, to see the knife attack. She went out to try to summon help from a neighbour and Kenny walked towards her holding the blade before leaving the scene.

Her partner was bleeding from his ear. He had been stabbed through the cartilage on his ear and behind the ear and he also had a knife would to his chest. Kenny, 39, of Marian Court, who has previous offences, including nine for robbery, pleaded guilty to wounding with intent, affray and threatening with a bladed article.

He was sentenced to six years and three months and given a restraining order. Jamie Adams, defending, said he had a difficult upbringing, was in care and had “found solace working for a travelling fairground”. Daniel Burn

Perverts, drug dealers and rapistsDaniel Burn who sexually abused a young boy has been jailed for five years

A former youth football coach from Darlington is now back behind bars after sexually abusing a young boy.

Daniel Burn, 28, pretended to be a teenage girl on social media to lure his victim into talking to him and sent him intimate pictures. He persuaded him to meet up on several occasions where he sexually assaulted him. Burn, of Hawkesbury Mews, Darlington, County Durham, was found guilty of eight sexual offences following a five-day trial earlier this year.

He has now been jailed for five years. He was previously jailed for eight years in 2015. Douglas Hubble

This door-to-door fish seller has been jailed after he was found to have breached trading regulations. Douglas Hubble, a mobile fish seller from Chester-le-Street, County Durham was handed a custodial sentence at Teesside Crown Court after contravening the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008. Between February 2017 and April 2019, Hubble sold fish door-to-door to consumers across the North East through his business ‘Dougie’s Packs’ which sparked a number of complaints.

An investigation was carried out by National Trading Standards Regional Investigation Team, which found evidence that Hubble knowingly adopted criminally high-pressure sales techniques targeting elderly and vulnerable consumers as a business strategy on nine separate occasions, for his own financial gain. Through the use of aggressive, misleading and unfair selling and business practices, Hubble caused financial loss of approximately GBP920 over a 26-month period to ten unknowing, vulnerable consumers in their own homes. Hubble pleaded guilty on 23 July 2021.

The 58-year-old received an eight-month custodial sentence and a seven-year Criminal Behavioural Order preventing him from selling door-to-door on behalf of himself or others. Steven Bell This drink-driver was jailed for refusing to give a sample to police for fear of contracting Covid from the breathalyser.

Self-employed bathroom fitter Steven Bell, 34, gave the excuse after being pulled over on the A19 dual carriageway at Sunderland. At the time, Bell was less than a year into a three-year roads’ ban for a previous drink-drive offence, a court heard. He did blow at the roadside at 11.30pm on Tuesday, August 10, a reading which was approaching four times the limit.

But he refused to give two further evidential samples at Southwick police station in Sunderland, after his arrest. Bell, of Lizard Lane Caravan Park at Marsden, South Shields, claimed he feared contracting Covid from the device. He has now been jailed for 12 weeks by magistrates who said they believed he may reoffend at the wheel if given his freedom.

Connor Richards

Perverts, drug dealers and rapistsConnor Richards, jailed for attacking his ex and her mother

This violent thug strangled his ex partner while she was holding their child then stabbed her mother in the face when she confronted him about it. Connor Richards had split from the mum of his young daughter but would visit them regularly. He was suffering from depression and had not taken his medication and “would fly off the handle for no apparent reason”, a court heard.

Last September, an argument broke out between the former couple about which one of them should go to the local shop. Sentencing Richards at Newcastle Crown Court, Judge Robert Adams said: “She refused and you grabbed her by the neck with both hands and squeezed hard in an effort to strangle her. “She was holding her daughter at the time and was trying to scream for you to stop and couldn’t breathe.

“This went on for a couple of minutes.” Richards, of Cramlington, Northumberland, then made threats about leaving her in a body bag before lunging towards her and headbutting her in the forehead, kicking her legs and calling her a “s**g” and other names as she crouched, having put her daughter down, the court heard. The court heard he walked away and she put the child in her pram and tried to leave.

He followed her and put her in a headlock and she bit under his arm and broke free. Richards, 21, Cloverhill Close, Cramlington, admitted wounding on the mother, common assault on the daughter and having a knife. He was jailed for a total of two years.

Sarah Archibald

Perverts, drug dealers and rapistsSarah Archibald, jailed for making false claims of sexual abuse

Her lying caused a toddler to be removed from home in the dead of night and put into care for three days by making “horrific” fake allegations of sex abuse against the child’s dad. Archibald, of Stockley Road, Washington, used another person’s name to submit the false allegation against an innocent man on the NSPCC’s online portal, making outrageous claims he was abusing his child. Prosecutor Shaun Dryden told Newcastle Crown Court the dad was not arrested or questioned by the police but the child was placed into local authority care and underwent an “invasive” examination to look for signs of sexual abuse.

The investigation revealed “no evidence” that anything had happened to the child. The dad said in court that what Archibald did was “despicable” and added: “It destroyed my world”. He added: “I was accused of sexual abuse, the evil, lowest thing that has ever happened to me.

“The thought sickens me to my stomach.” The child’s mother said what happened “rocked my world” and said the child continued to wake up at 2am afterwards, which was the time of being taken from her home. The mum said in a statement, which she read in court: “I believe it was the stressful situation of being woken up and taken by strangers in the middle of the night.”

Archibald admitted sending an electronic communication with intent to cause stress or anxiety and was jailed for 10 months. Stephen Dodds

Perverts, drug dealers and rapistsFormer teaching assistant Stephen Dodds who has been jailed

The former teaching assistant sent hundreds of explicit messages to a schoolgirl was caught out after another adult spotted him touching his victim. Stephen Dodds sent hundreds of images and sexualised messages to the teenager over a six month period.

But he was arrested after he was seen sexually assaulting her, by touching her inappropriately, by a concerned adult who called police. The 29-year-old denied the allegations put to him when he was interviewed by officers from Northumbria Police’s safeguarding unit. But he pleaded guilty to one count of sexual assault on a child and four counts of sexual communication with a child at Newcastle Crown Court.

Dodds has now been jailed for 34 months. Heather Garbutt-Iley

Perverts, drug dealers and rapistsHeather Garbutt-Iley, jailed for fraud

A despicable relative fleeced an elderly Alzheimer’s sufferer out of thousands of pounds after being granted Power of Attorney over her financial affairs. Heather Garbutt-Iley abused her position of trust to help herself to the hard-earned money of Rita Telford.

The former clothes shop owner and proud Second World War veteran had been rendered incapable of looking after her money after her Alzheimer’s diagnosis in 2015. The widow, who died in 2017 aged 93, had no children, her sister was also elderly so Garbutt-Iley, married to one of Mrs Telford’s nephews, ended up being appointed as a deputy by the Court of Protection. She was given full control of her finances, subject to the condition that she acted in her best interests.

Newcastle Crown Court heard that on the day she was appointed, Mrs Telford had GBP108,000 in three bank accounts and she had a war widow’s pension and a private pension roughly equal to the cost of her care and some pocket money. However by the time she was arrested by the police, the balance was down to GBP36,000. Garbutt-Iley, 61, of Ferndale Grove, East Boldon, who has a previous conviction for benefit fraud, pleaded guilty to fraud by abuse of position between January and November 2016 and was jailed for 12 months.

Steven Cawood

Perverts, drug dealers and rapistsSteven Cawood, jailed for indecent images offences

Cawood had a haul of thousands of child abuse images which he claimed was down to his “fixation in collecting” rather than a sexual interest in children. When police found a large number of images on the pervert’s devices, he rebuilt the vile collection within months. Newcastle Crown Court heard some of the illegal material was from live streaming devices and he had software which enabled others to view his images.

His barrister told the court he has insists he no sexual interest in children but a judge jailed him for the “sickening” offending. Officers first found thousands of images on Cawood’s laptop and mobile phone when they raided his home in October 2018 and took the devices. Then when police went back to his house again in May 2019, Cawood had already replaced his collection on another laptop.

The 43-year-old of Lily Street, Sunderland, admitted making and possessing a total of 1,800 Category A images and movies, which is the most serious category, 1,110 category B and 5,567 category C. Judge Julie Clemitson said the offending was “sickening and serious” and sentenced Cawood to 32 months behind bars. He must sign the sex offenders register and abide by a sexual harm prevention order for life.

Cameron Black

Perverts, drug dealers and rapistsCameron Black was sentenced to 28 months in prison on Monday

This Ferryhill drug dealer stashed cocaine, ecstasy and ketamine in a bumbag. Durham Police officers spotted Cameron Black driving erratically in the early hours of June 26 last year and followed him to an alleyway in Rennie Street, Ferryhill, where Black made off on foot. Black was detained a short time later after returning to his Toyota Yaris and officers searching the car found the bumbag which contained several bags of white powder and a Stanley knife.

A total of 14 bags of powder were found on the 21-year-old along with more drugs at his home address in Bessemer Street, Ferryhill. And despite making a ‘no comment’ interview, Black later pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply cocaine, as well as possession of ecstasy and ketamine. Black has been sentenced to 28 months in prison.

Tyler Duncan, Mohammed Hussain, Ibrahim Bouchelouche and Sharif Kalimba

Perverts, drug dealers and rapistsPictured clockwise, from top left, Tyler Duncan, Mohammed Hussain, Ibrahim Bouchelouche and Sharif Kalimba

These four thugs have been locked up after a masked gang threatened a man with weapons in Newcastle. The incident happened at Shipley Rise, in Byker, in February when a group of men turned up outside the building.

Most were wearing masks or hoods, and were carrying weapons. One had a knife and another had a metallic bat. They threatened a man inside a flat and repeatedly told him to come out, with one shouting “come outside, I’m going to kill you.”

Now some members of that group have been jailed after pleading guilty to affray and possession of an offensive weapon at Newcastle Crown Court. Sharif Kalimba, 24, of no fixed abode, received two years and three months in prison, Tyler Duncan, 25, of no fixed address, got two years and Mohammed Hussain, 19, of Kirkdale Green, Newcastle, received a 16-month sentence, though it was said Hussain would be released soon as he had already spent several months in custody. Ibrahim Bouchelouche, 23, of Stannington Grove, Newcastle, was given an 18-month prison sentence for affray.

He was not convicted of having an offensive weapon as it was established he was not carrying one during the incident. Scott Campion

Perverts, drug dealers and rapistsScott Campion, jailed for racist attack in Newcastle city centre

This is a racist thug who made vile monkey noises at a passer-by before punching him. Scott Campion and his friend were walking over a bridge across the River Tyne when they encountered their victim coming the other way.

They said something to him but he didn’t understand due to his poor English so they started making repeated monkey noises at him. The man, walking home from Newcastle Central Station, was then kicked and punched and had scissors thrown at his head in shameful scenes. At the end of May this year he was given a community order but two weeks later took part in the racist attack in the city centre.

In July this year, he was given a suspended prison sentence for having a bladed article. The judge said that while Campion said in a letter to the court that he was sorry and won’t offend again: “You don’t make any mention of the victim and the effect of the behaviour on him or any reflection on your own actions.” Campion, 22, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to racially aggravated assault by beating and possessing a bladed article, the scissors.

He was jailed for 31 weeks He was sentenced on the basis his associate threw the scissors at the victim. The associate was previously jailed by magistrates for 10 week for a racially aggravated public order offence.

John Storey

Perverts, drug dealers and rapistsJohn Storey has been jailed for six years for the historic sex abuse of a young girl

The vile paedophile was finally brought to justice more than 40 years after “ruining the life” of his schoolgirl victim. John Storey subjected the young girl to years of abuse in the late 1970s when he was aged between 33 and 35. This included touching her vagina, making her touch his penis and perform a sex acts on him, Newcastle Crown Court heard.

Tom Storey, prosecuting, said the victim remembered waking up to find the pervert in the room next to her before the abuse began. It was during a counselling session that the brave victim spoke of the abuse she had endured and eventually reported it to the police in February last year. Storey, of Kingston Green, Newcastle, was arrested and interviewed on March 4, 2020, and initially denied any allegations of sexual abuse against the complainant.

He later admitted four counts of sexual assault and two counts of indecency with a child at Newcastle Crown Court. Judge Penny Moreland sentenced Storey to six years in prison, of which he will serve half behind bars if he is no longer deemed a risk before being released on licence. He was also ordered to sign the sex offenders’ register for life and will pay a victim surcharge.

Farouk Aremu and Christopher Genendo

Perverts, drug dealers and rapistsFarouk Aremu (top) and Christopher Genendo and Newcastle Crown Court

A rapist and his friend who helped him carry out the attack on a woman who was lured to a house have been jailed. The 19-year-old victim had consented to have sex with Farouk Aremu but then his friend, Christopher Genendo, came in the room and raped her while Aremu watched on and let it happen. A court heard the victim has been left traumatised by the ordeal and said they ruined her faith in people.

Genendo, 22, of Melbourne Court, Newcastle, was found guilty of rape following a trial and Aremu, 24, of Fourstones Close, in Kenton, Newcastle, was convicted of aiding and abetting rape. As Genendo was jailed for nine years and Aremu ten years and both were told them must sign the sex offenders register for life, their victim became upset while reading an impact statement to Newcastle Crown Court. Kevin Turner

Perverts, drug dealers and rapistsKevin Turner, jailed for indecent images offences

A depraved pervert released on bail after being caught with thousands of revolting child abuse images was caught red-handed at it again when police went to check on him.

Kevin Turner had been caught with a large haul of sickening pictures and videos, including more than five thousand depicting the most serious forms of abuse. But when officers went to his home to make sure he was abiding by conditions placed on him, they found a computer open in his kitchen which was playing pornography which they suspected related to children. Further checks showed the former engineer had downloaded more vile videos.

The court heard he claims he has no sexual interest in children and tried to play down his offending by saying the youngsters being abused were not from the UK. Now the 58-year-old loner, of North Drive, Cleadon, South Tyneside, who lives with his elderly mother, has been jailed for 11 months at Newcastle Crown Court. Liam Moore

Perverts, drug dealers and rapistsLiam Moore, jailed for GBH

This jilted thug choked his terrified partner while holding her captive for hours and threatening she would leave in a body bag – because she said she was dumping him.

Liam Moore launched the shocking attack in the early hours after the woman said she no longer wanted to be with him. Newcastle Crown Court heard armed negotiators were called to the house at Horden, County Durham, on June 4 and the 27-year-old attacker made threats to kill his victim and the police during a stand off that lasted until mid morning. He was originally charged with attempted murder but prosecutors accepted his guilty plea to GBH and he has been jailed for five years.

As well as GBH, he also admitted false imprisonment and making threats to kill. Lawrence Quinn

Perverts, drug dealers and rapistsLawrence Quinn, who threatened a shop worker with a knife

This angry thug pulled a knife on a terrified shop worker after complaining about prices. Lawrence Quinn went into a Best One Xpress store in Newcastle to buy a drink at around 3.30am on August 30 last year.

But once outside he tried to make the victim follow him and pulled out a knife before trying to break through a glass door when he was locked out. He then left but was found by police nearby, having discarded the knife in a cemetery. Quinn told officers: “I done it on purpose you know.

I could’ve stabbed him if I wanted to. I want to gan to jail.” He said he committed the offence to get help for his mental health.

Quinn, 24, of Gordon Road, Byker, Newcastle, pleaded guilty to possessing a bladed article and threatening and abusive behaviour. He was sentenced to eight months suspended for 18 months with a three month curfew between 7pm and 7am with rehabilitation. Stephen Palmer

Perverts, drug dealers and rapistsStephen Palmer

Stuart Palmer stole a car and used a bank card left inside before returning to the crime scene the next day.

The thief, of Moorview Crescent, in Newcastle, was caught on CCTV as he tried to break into a number of parked cars on Swinhoe Road in Gosforth in the early hours of Saturday morning. The 23-year-old stole a can of pop from a Nissan, leaving his empty can at the scene, before taking a Suzuki Swift on a joyride to search for more vehicles to target. He later stole a Volkswagen Tiguan from the area and used a bank card left inside to spend GBP50 at the Shell Garage in Gosforth before the card was blocked.

Police then launched an investigation into the spate of incidents and officers began trawling through CCTV. The following day, Palmer returned to the scene of his crimes wearing a dressing gown and was swiftly spotted by an eagle-eyed officer who recognised him from CCTV. In a desperate bid to evade arrest, he offered up a fake name but was taken into custody where he admitted the string of thefts and was later charged.

He pleaded guilty to two counts of theft of a motor vehicle, two counts of theft from a motor vehicle, two counts of fraud by false representation and three counts of interfering with a motor vehicle. He was subsequently jailed for 20 weeks at Newcastle Magistrates’ Court. Jordan Rutherford

Perverts, drug dealers and rapistsJordan Rutherford, jailed for sexual activity with a child, threats to kill and possessing knives

The pervert, known as “piano man”, confessed during 999 calls he had armed himself with three knives and threatened to kill his young victim.

Jordan Rutherford was given his nickname due to his love of the instrument, had been released on bail just two days earlier on suspicion of sexual activity with the underage teen. The sports shop worker told police having the knives was “the only way he could get her to listen to him”. The court heard Rutherford was let out on bail again and within days had sent a message to his victim via Facebook, using the name “piano man”.

He told her: “I am so angry with how you reported me.” Rutherford said he would kill the victim and added “this will be over for both of us”. The 20-year-old, of Lewis Crescent, Hendon, Sunderland, admitted three charges of sexual activity with a child, one of making a threat to kill and possessing three bladed articles.

Judge Edward Bindloss sentenced him to two years behind bars. Rutherford must sign the sex offenders register and abide by a sexual harm prevention order and restraining order for ten years. Tony Brown

Perverts, drug dealers and rapistsTony Brown, convicted murderer jailed for sending malicious communications

The convicted murderer left his new partner terrified by issuing a series of sinister threats after revealing he was a killer.

Tony Brown spent around 25 years of a life sentence in prison for murder, imposed in 1995. A court heard Brown met the woman in spring this year, soon after being released from jail, via a friend on a dating site but after a short time she became concerned about his controlling behaviour and told him she wanted to end the relationship. But he reacted by bombarding her with malicious texts and phone calls after telling her he was a murderer.

He threatened her, said he would burn her house, bury her son and burn down a pub where she went. Now the 48-year-old, who murdered a man who he had been told made inappropriate comments to his partner, is back behind bars. Brown, of West Percy Road, North Shields, was originally charged with stalking but that was dropped after he pleaded guilty to sending a malicious communication.

He was jailed for 15 months but has been recalled to prison on his life licence and will have to satisfy the Parole Board it is safe to release him. Brian Cairns

Perverts, drug dealers and rapistsBrian Cairns, who paid to have children tortured and sexually abused while he watched

Depraved Brian Cairns paid to have very young children sexually abused and tortured so he could watch the vile abuse live on camera. The twisted 60-year-old sent money online to “facilitators ” in the Philippines to he could direct the horrific abuse of girls as young as four as he observed it.

Newcastle Crown Court heard he kept screenshots of what he had ordered, “almost off a menu”. During one of the sickening live shows, Cairns asked for a break to go and get some cigarettes so he could smoke while he watched the “unsafe and degrading” acts. Prosecutor Paul Cleasby told the court officers from Northumbria Police Paedophile Investigation Team had seized Cairns’ computer devices after they received information he had been sending “large sums of money” overseas in exchange for child abuse images.

The court heard Cairns ordered that the abused girls should be under eight years old and made specific requests involving “degrading violence” that he wanted done to them. One of the victims was four and the other between six and eight. Cairns, of Pendle Close, Washington, admitted two charges of inciting the sexual exploitation of a child and two of making indecent photographs of a child.

Judge Amanda Rippon jailed Cairns for 13 years with an extended one year licence period. Stephen Norton

Perverts, drug dealers and rapistsMr Norton, of Walker in Newcastle was jailed for 40 months

This thief was caught on camera stealing an Adidas tracksuit from a washing line. Shortly before 6pm on September 17, Stephen Norton jumped a fence to gain access to a garden on Scarborough Road in Newcastle.

He then helped himself to a black Adidas jacket, a pair of Nike pants and some shorts which had been hanging on the line. Norton, 50, fled the scene and made his way into a nearby property on Scarborough Court but was stopped in his tracks by the occupant, who was in her bedroom and caught him creeping up her staircase. Startled, Norton fled the scene despite the occupant chasing him and demanded to know what he was doing inside her home.

Both victims reported the respective incidents to police and handed over CCTV footage. He was arrested several days later and charged with two counts of theft. Norton, of Greenford Road, Walker, appeared at Newcastle Crown Court for a pre-trial hearing on October 20, but changed his plea and admitted one count of theft and one count of burglary.

He was subsequently jailed for a total of 40 months. Dylan McQue

Perverts, drug dealers and rapistsDylan McCue, jailed for supplying Spice

A dealer who sold Spice to two young men who died after consuming a cocktail of drugs has been jailed for two years. Dylan McQue was selling large amounts of the drug at a time when there had been a spate of deaths from it in Newcastle.

A court heard prosecutors had considered pressing manslaughter charges after Tyler Williams and Jamie Welsh died in Newcastle after buying Spice from McQue. But due to the other narcotics they had consumed, it was not possible to say the supply of the Spice caused their deaths. When he was arrested, McQue was in possession of two bags of Spice – one weighing 613g, comprising 175 deals and worth up to GBP1,000 and a second containing 7g of the drug – as well as a knuckle duster and some cash.

McQue said he didn’t take Spice himself but used his profits to fund his cannabis habit. In the five months he had been dealing, it was estimated he had made GBP85,000. McQue, 28, of Shaftoe Street, Scotswood, who has no previous convictions, pleaded guilty to supplying Spice, possession with intent to supply Spice and possessing an offensive weapon.

He was jailed for two years. Shane Hellens

Perverts, drug dealers and rapistsShane Hellens, of Walker, jailed for a series of brutal attacks on his then-partner

This dangerous ‘monster’ left his terrified partner looking ‘like a torture victim’ by attacking her with a blowtorch, shovel and his dog. A court heard Shane Hellens started displaying controlling behaviour within weeks of starting a relationship with her, smashing her phones and ripping up her clothes while flying into jealous rages.

The 31-year-old bully became increasingly violent and threw jars and bottles at her head, emptied rubbish from the bin over her, repeatedly punched and kicked her and let his dog bite her four times. Newcastle Crown Court heard that on one occasion he was in the toilet of his “torture cabin” and called to ask if she wanted a cigarette but when she put her hand in she felt excruciating pain as he used a blowtorch on her. He then spent the following days grabbing the badly wounded hand, causing terrible pain and preventing it from healing.

Despite being arrested, he went on to inflict even worse injuries, assaulting her with garden tools and breaking her ankle and arm. Now Hellens, who lived with his mother, of Hexham Avenue, Walker, Newcastle, has been jailed for six years and three months and was branded a danger by a judge. Sarim Malik

Perverts, drug dealers and rapistsSarim Malik, taxi driver jailed for drug dealing

Sarim Malik’s job as a taxi driver in Newcastle provided the perfect cover for his money making enterprise supplying narcotics.

Newcastle Crown Court heard police officers watched on November 15, 2019 as a man got out of his VW Passat. The passenger was stopped and found to have a bag of cocaine, for which he was later cautioned. When police pulled over Malik, a search revealed he had a plastic bag in his trousers, which contained nine smaller bags with 5.33g of MDMA in them.

On his way to the police station, he revealed he had a further two bags concealed in his groin area containing nine packages of ketamine and 23 bags of cocaine weighing 6.8g. Some GBP590 cash was also in the taxi and police seized three iPhones, two belonging to Malik. Malik, 24,of Beaconsfield Street, Arthurs Hill, Newcastle, pleaded guilty to possessing with intent to supply class A and B drugs and supplying class A drugs.

He was jailed for three years. Nicholas Camilleri

Perverts, drug dealers and rapistsNicholas Camilleri, who attacked his partner

This violent thug stubbed a cigarette out on his girlfriend’s face, tried to gouge her eyes out and bit her when she was pregnant in shocking attacks. Nicholas Camilleri, who started chatting to his victim over social media, launched his first assault within months of meeting her.

The 38-year-old’s last attack was when his victim was pregnant with his baby. During the violence, Camilleri warned: “Watch, I’m going to kill you”. Camilleri was arrested and pulled a mask from a police officer’s face before spitting towards him.

Camilleri, who is of no fixed address but is from London, admitted two charges of assault and one of assault on an emergency worker. At the time of the violence, he was on bail for throwing a package into the grounds of HMP Ford in West Sussex in 2017, that contained 36 mobile phones, 43 sim cards, batteries and chargers. He admitted conspiracy to throw a list B article into prison.

Recorder Carl Gumsley sentenced him to a total of four years and one month behind bars with a seven year restraining order to keep him away from the victim. Alan Hawkins

Perverts, drug dealers and rapistsAlan Hawkins, jailed for having an indecent image

The serial pervert is back behind bars after police found an indecent image of boys on his phone. Alan Hawkins has been jailed previously for indecent assault and possessing and distributing indecent images.

When police went to the registered sex offender’s home in September this year, they examined his phone and the first picture they found in his photo gallery was the category A image.

The 57-year-old, of Saville Street West, North Shields, pleaded guilty to possessing an indecent image and breaching the suspended sentence imposed last year and was locked up for a total of 16 months.

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