Top Gear’s Paddy McGuinness: ‘Therapy helped me out massively’

Only moments into meeting Paddy McGuinness there is a brief, but awkward, misunderstanding. “Did you say sex in cars?” he asks, incredulous, spluttering on the latte I have valiantly wrangled the Nespresso machine to deliver for him.

Erm, I did, yes.

“What are you on about?” he asks, apparently baffled by my bringing up the topic. “Are you literally getting on about having sex in a car?”

Well, yes, but I really didn’t think it would go down this badly.

McGuinness flanked by Top Gear co-presenters Chris Harris, left, and Andrew Flintoff


The presenter of Top Gear, longtime amateur petrolhead, new host of Question of Sport and, now, memoirist, had just been declaring the future of cars to be electric and I’d wondered, out loud, whether there would be sufficient space in the comparatively compact new