Tryson returns home – Truck News

After 275 days in hospital undergoing grueling cancer treatments, Tryson McGrath, the four-year-old Nova Scotia boy who captured the trucking industry’s hearts with his passion for trucks, is home. He returned home Oct.

1, his father Troy McGrath confirmed to Today’s Trucking.

(Photo: Troy McGrath)

“It was a nine-month ordeal away from home for this brave little soldier,” he said. “It was a battle he will never forget and so many people followed us, offering support in any way possible. For Tryson, I can’t imagine how it feels.

But as his father and mother, nothing but excitement pours out of us. We are on our second day home and loving every minute. We really wish to thank everyone who followed his journey.”

More than 7,500 people joined the Team Tryson Facebook page, sending in images of their trucks and journeys, as well as toy trucks and other gifts.

Tryson’s family posted a YouTube video of his trip home.