Banbury-based band – LAKE ACACIA

Banbury-based band - LAKE ACACIAJoe Homer and Tim Groethe from Banbury-based band LAKE ACACIA have just released their first single – called ‘Don’t Think About It Too Much.’

The band LAKE ACACIA consists of Tim Groethe and Joe Homer. Tim, who lives in Banbury, performs vocals, synth and bass and Joe, who lives in Aynho, performs vocals, synth and drums. The band described its new single and said: “‘Don’t Think About It Too Much’ is about overthinking things and how the more you do it, will more often than not end in you hitting a ‘brick wall.’

“As humans we are all susceptible to this and sometimes it can be too easy to wind up in this headspace but being aware of overthinking and knowing how to deal with it early on is the most important thing. If not, it will always get the better of you and drive you crazy. This song is here to remind us all that it isn’t always as bad as it seems and to keep on pushing through.”

The single is the first new material from the newly evolved duo who were previously a three-member band. The band’s change, includes the absence of a guitar has led to a new sound. The band described their new sound and said: “It’s layers of heavy strings, driving bass and energetic, melodic songs that are bullied to the next intensity level by relentless, unrestrained drumming, topped off with immense vocals with a myriad of harmonies and two part vocals throughout.”

LAKE ACACIA plays a distinct take on alt-rock, colliding super heavy riffs with electronic, synthy breakdowns. The band has performed locally at The Wheatsheaf pub in George Street of the Banbury town centre, and Also Known As (AKA).

Banbury-based band - LAKE ACACIABanbury-based band - LAKE ACACIABanbury-based band LAKE ACACIA has released its first single – ‘Don’t Think About It Too Much.’

The former band of three and the old LAKE ACACIA wasted no time from their inception in 2017 to the release of their first EP in the same year, and subsequent EP release in 2019. They were selected by Kerrang Magazine as regional winners at the 2017 Fireball’s Hottest Band competition.

They performed at the Oxfordshire Truck Festival, and had a supporting slot with Mallory Knox, along with some regular guests spots on BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio.

The new single from LAKE ACACIA is now available to stream.