Horror as mangled car is folded in two under 18-wheeler truck but woman survived

A woman survived a horror crash with only minor injuries after an 18-wheeler truck ran over her car and crushed it. The 46-year-old woman was reportedly inside her car when the truck failed to stop behind her yesterday. The truck slammed into the Nissan and pushed it into another truck, which caused it to fold in two and the 18-wheeler to crash over the top of it.

Washington State Trooper Rocky Oliphant tweeted saying: “In my 14 year career, I have never seen anything like it. “There’s really not a word to describe this collision.” The horrific pictures show the sheer extent of the damage to the vehicle that somehow the driver survived, mostly unscathed.

The 18-wheeler sat on top of the Nissan (@wspd7pio/Twitter)

The huge truck sits squat on top of the red car which has been crushed in the crash in Washington, US.

Such was the impact and size of the truck that they had to use a tow truck to lift its front end up and allow the woman could escape. Once it was lifted up, she crawled out herself. When speaking to Fox 13 Oliphant described how the impact on the small car was so big that it ‘folded the back end of the car over onto the rear compartment.”

Horror as mangled car is folded in two under 18-wheeler truck but woman survivedTeen WWII recruit ‘more determined to fight’ after shrapnel her killed best friendundefinedHorror as mangled car is folded in two under 18-wheeler truck but woman survivedBoris Johnson admits ‘I crashed the car’ as he faces furious Tories over sleazeundefined

He said: “When troopers arrived, we could still hear a person inside the car.

“That person was able to get out of the car and walk out by themselves. “It is beyond words to describe how somebody was able to walk away from that car.” When they were trying to free the woman front he car, the traffic was causing the bridge to move, making the tow truck unstable.

Both lanes had to be closed until the woman was freed. Speaking to Seattle Times, he described the woman surviving the crash as a “perfect storm”. He described how because the back end of the woman’s car folded up and over, facing the front, it kept some of the truck’s weight off the passenger compartment and created a ramp for the truck to drive up and over.

He said: “Lucky is not the right word because that was not a lucky collision.

But she may be the luckiest unlucky person.”

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