‘No respect’ – Newport man ‘fuming’ after dumper truck driven over father’s grave

A NEWPORT man has been left ‘fuming’ after council workers allegedly drove a three-tonne vehicle over his father’s grave. Terry Capel’s father is buried in St Woolos Cemtery in Newport. He says that he was informed of the alleged damage to the grave on Sunday, November 13.

Newport City Council have today, November 22, stated that the grave has now been rearranged to its normal state. On November 14 Mr Capel went to the cemetery to “confront them”. “The head manager said to me thay they had to dig a grave other side of my dad’s grave,” Mr Capel said.

“They moved the little bit of fencing that we put around and all his ornaments to one end so they could sit a three-tonne dumper on top of the grave. “As you can imagine, I was fuming.” :

Mr Capel says he was told mats were put down to protect the grave. “This is not on, where’s the respect,” he said. Mr Capel said that when he confronted staff on the Monday, he was told the grave would be put back to the way it was “by putting fence back around and a few bags of blue slate”.

He said that, despite being promised an update on the work, none had materialised. He said that he visited the cemetery again that week, but was told no slate had arrived. Mr Capel reinstated the grave ornaments himself.

Newport City Council were approached for a full statement on the situation.

“I think they have no respect whatsoever,” he said.