Teacher ‘hit by truck’ thanks the heroes of Dulwich for their support

The teacher was helped by passers-by offering her blankets and help, including one who gave her some gloves and stayed with her until the ambulance arrived

A Dulwich teacher who was ‘run over’ by a truck is thanking the community after being overwhelmed by their support.

Kate Weatherell was cycling on her normal route to her job as a secondary school teacher at Charter School North Dulwich, when all of a sudden, a truck turned onto a junction and ran her over, she says.

“It happened in seconds,” recalled Kate. “I’ve been cycling for over thirty years in London and nothing like this has happened. I didn’t stand a chance.

“The side of the truck hit me and my leg went under his back wheel, while I banged my face on the handlebars.”

But while she was lying on the road, people of Dulwich who were on their way to work stopped to help her.

“I really want to thank everyone,” said Kate. “The community was just fantastic. The road was extremely cold and my leg was completely mangled – I wasn’t going anywhere.

“People who were walking past stopped and brought me blankets, pillows, a hat.

An Australian chap gave me a hot water bottle. It was really amazing.

“The person I especially want to thank was a radiographer from King‘s. She held my hand and said: ‘I’m not leaving you until the ambulance comes’, and gave me her gloves.

“She came to see me in the hospital but I don’t know what department she’s in.

I profusely thanked her at the time, but I’d love to be able to give her her gloves back.”

Kate was in King’s College Hospital for a week with multiple fractures to her tibia and fibula, as well as a fracture to her left eye socket which is causing some disturbance in vision. She has now had a cage fitted to her leg with ten pins, which will stay on for at least six months.

Kate was keen to thank the staff at King’s College Hospital, as well as emphasise the importance of wearing a helmet.

“I don’t think I could have avoided that accident,” she said, “and I was shocked because I thought I’d taken all the precautions necessary.

“King’s have been amazing. It was a massive adventure, that whole day, from seven in the morning until I was on the ward by early evening.

“I saw so many layers of expertise – they were just fantastic.

So caring.”

The driver of the truck that struck Kate stopped and exchanged insurance details.

The incident is the subject of an ongoing police investigation.

Anyone who was a witness of the event is encouraged to call 020 7230 7650.