Albanian Mafia Using TikTok to Smuggle Citizens to UK

Albanian traffickers are using social media to smuggle fellow citizens from their homeland into the United Kingdom, the British media report. The mobsters specifically use Tick-Tok to enable the passage of migrants by truck, where each person will have to pay mije 20,000. The Albanian mafia also uses Tik-Tok to advertise their ‘business’ as they write; “The last trip this year to meet the Queen in England.

Safe travel inside the head of the truck.

100% safe. For more DM”. In another post on December 21, it was written: “A trip to England ready for just 24,000 GBP”, or other calls like: “Safe trip to England before Christmas.

Contact us soon”, according to the Daily Mirror. Based on these coded messages, the English police contacted TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter to track down these criminal groups. On Christmas Eve, about 150 refugees, including children and a baby, were caught in the English Channel shortly before midnight.

Immigration Minister Tom Pursglove speaking about the use of social networks by criminal groups stressed that “Traffickers use social media to attract, promote and take advantage of deadly crossings into the UK, but we are determined to stop them”.

Regardless, the persons attempting to cross by truck are required to pay in cash.

They dream of a better life, but the risks are extremely high – as was the tragic case of 2019, when 39 Vietnamese refugees died in the back of a truck in Essex, UK.