‘Obsessed’ stalker bombarded gran with cash-for-sex post-it-note demands

An “obsessed” stalker who offered a Doncaster gran cash for sex and let himself into her flat time and time again over an eight-year period has been jailed and banned from contacting her ever again. Sick Craig Lawrence had been on a handful of dates with his victim around 10 years ago after the pair met on an online dating site, Sheffield Crown Court heard. The 46-year-old was told it was over when the woman in question told him she no longer wanted to see him.

Keep up to date with the latest news from South Yorkshire courts by signing up for updates here . Prosecutor Richard Davies told the court that, initially, Lawrence seemed to take the rejection in his stride for around 18 months and his victim only heard from him once in that time. However, Lawrence began posting pieces of paper through her letterbox with his phone number and asking for sex and that he was willing to pay.

To get the latest email updates from South Yorkshire Live click here . She estimated that between 2013 and 2017 around 10 notes had been posted and left around her house. Mr Davies then went on to say Lawrence had let himself into his victim’s home and would repeatedly show up despite the fact she had changed address more than twice.

On one occasion, his victim was in bed with her then partner in 2016 when Lawrence made his way to her bedroom door before being shouted at – prompting him to run off. Later that same year, Lawrence drove past her in Doncaster Town Centre and humiliated her by shouting from his truck window that he would pay for sex. The stalking continued and, in October 2018, Lawrence’s victim was in bed watching TV when he let himself into her flat and headed for her bedroom where he told her: “I love you, I miss you, I want you.”

In May 2019, she found yet another note written by Lawrence with his phone number and an offer of GBP70 for sex. Two months later Lawrence appeared at her home and said: “I want you, I need you, you have amazing boobs.” During a bizarre ordeal at a Chinese takeaway in October 2019, Lawrence spotted his victim and showed her his bank balance before saying he would offer her GBP1,000 for sex.

A similar incident happened at another takeaway in September 2020 and Lawrence was said to have stared at her during a terrifying episode at a supermarket in Carcroft.

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Lawrence, of Central Avenue, Doncaster, went quiet for a few months until June of this year when, while his victim looked after her grandchildren, he once again made his way into her bedroom. This time he offered GBP200 for sex. Mr Davies added that this time, his victim was so terrified she almost wet herself.

Lawrence, who admitted one count of stalking causing serious alarm or distress earlier this year, was finally reported to the police and arrested on June 21. He later told officers he just wanted someone to help after he had lost his dad. In a statement, read by Mr Davies, Lawrence’s victim said: “I feel s***, angry, frightened.”

She added that the eight years of misery made her feel “physically sick”. Sentencing Lawrence to four years in prison, Judge Peter Kelson QC said: “Your obsession ends today Mr Lawrence.” He added: “This case is as serious an example of its kind I have ever seen.

It includes public humiliation, it includes multiple locations of her changed address. “No matter how many times, you found her. It includes multiple intrusions into or on the doorstep of her home.

These intrusions are in themselves terrifying.” Judge Kelson went over some of Lawrence’s sickening intrusions before added: “I have not made reference to the fact over and over and over again you talk about giving her money for sex.” Lawrence was also banned from ever contacting the woman again by way of a life-long restraining order.

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