Driver caught with huge, ‘unfastened’ hay bale in pick-up truck

Police have slammed a driver in Worcestershire who was caught with a giant bale of hay dangerously balanced on the back of a pick-up truck. West Mercia Police cops spotted the vehicle on the A435 in Redditch on Sunday, January 2, and said the loose bale could have had “terrifying consequences” if it had become dislodged. Pictures shared by the force’s Operations Patrol Unit showed the huge unfastened bundle of hay towering above the vehicle.

:Live M6, M5 and M42 travel updates across the West Midlands A police spokesperson said: “The large bale of hay was not secured in any way and almost rolled out when we stopped the vehicle! “The consequences of this hitting a pedestrian or cyclist are terrifying.

Driver reported for the offence.” Many were quick to mock the motorist in question on social media, with one writing “Clutching at straws for excuses” while another added: “Hopefully the driver isn’t baled for this offence.” Another put: “Jokes aside, this is crazily dangerous.

Not only to pedestrians or cyclists but to other road users. One person commented: “There can be a lot of weight behind these bales. If they come off at speed, they can be very dangerous.”

Another wrote on Facebook: “These bales are heavy, hitting one at any speed would wreck a vehicle.”