Pictured: Lucky escape for lorry driver as truck teeters on the brink

A nerve-wracking incident happened in Shanxi province’s Changzhi City on January 1 when a hapless driver nearly killed himself trying to navigate a treacherous mountain pass. The truck driver was allegedly following his GPS, which instructed him to take the narrow mountainside road. However, when he found that the lorry was too wide to pass through the path he reportedly tried reversing but crashed through the flimsy guardrails.

The man amazingly managed to flee from the truck’s cabin as it teetered 330ft above the ground from the craggy cliff.

Top tip: Don’t trust your satnavCredit: ViralPress Terrifying footage shows the lorry barely staying on the road, with its right side hanging on the cliff’s edgeCredit: ViralPress

Mr. Wu, a motorist driving behind the truck, said: ‘This highway has a restriction where the maximum width of any vehicles should not exceed 6.8 metres. ‘It’s been snowing the past few days and the lorry slipped out of the road when he took a turn and now it gets stuck, blocking the traffic completely.’

Authorities deployed three towing trucks to retrieve the large vehicle, which reportedly had to be cut in half. It took three days to finally pull it up due to its size and the road’s width. Traffic through the road has returned to normal, local media reported.

The vehicle was eventually pulled back onto the road at 4:00pm local time on January 3.