Reports HGV drove wrong way on the A9 dual carriageway at Drumochter

The dual carriageway section over the Drumochter Pass. The dual carriageway section over the Drumochter Pass.

There are reports of an HGV driving the wrong way on the A9 dual carriageway at Drumochter yesterday. The Strathy has contacted Police Scotland on the alleged incident which occurred at around 4.45pm. According to information on the A9 Traffic Info page on Facebook the lorry was heading southbound on the northbound dual carriageway at Drumochter.

A Transport driver who has posted details of the incident has been hailed a hero for alerting motorists of the on-coming danger. The HGV driver who posted under the name Sstephen Ssmall said that it was a miracle that no-one was killed. He drove parallel to the lorry but on the correct carriageway and blasted his horn and flashed his lights to warning motorists on the opposite side of the A9.

Sstephen Ssmall stated: “I was the driver of the Arnold Clark Transporter who was behind the HGV in question before he decided to crossover and head southbound on the northbound carriageway.

“I immediately contacted Police Scotland and reported it at 4.45pm. “While giving a continuous report of events I did try my best to make oncoming traffic aware by flashing my lights/spotlights and blasting my airhorns while travelling southbound – on the southbound carriageway of course. “I ran parallel with him for the full distance of that section of dual carriage to try and avert a major accident occurring.

“I managed to get in front of him just in time so he’d be behind me by the time he crossed over onto the correct carriageway so I could liaise with the Traffic Police before being brought to a stop at the House of Bruar.

“Sorry if anyone travelling southbound behind me that was delayed but this driver needed stopped as safely as possible and this was the only way I could think of at the time.” Terence MacLeod responded: “Sstephen Ssmall well done and thank you!

“You reacted calmly and brilliantly to a completely mad situation. “Myself and another vehicle were the first to encounter him on the carriageway.

Someone was watching over that stretch of road tonight.” Christine Fraser posted: “Sstephen Ssmall not all heroes have capes well done you. That must have been a really scary drive for you.”

Philomena Rust said: “This is an incredible feat of bravery. You and your family should be proud of you for saving so many with your quick thinking response. Sam Justice stated: “My husband nearly got wiped out by him over taking on a bend.

He’s called police. He’s been driving over 20 years and has no idea how he didn’t hit him. Mac April stated: “We were head on with it about 5pm nearing end of dual carriageway before Dalwhinnie cut off northbound.

“We swerved into another vehicle to save our lives. We phoned 999 to report it. “Nobody hurt but we stopped further up road and talked to vehicle in front.

Our car was damaged.”

The A9 dual carriageway including the Drumochter Pass runs for around six kilometres.

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