Schneider to shutter Canadian operations

Schneider has put its Guelph, Ont., property for sale and informed associates it is closing its Canada-based operations. “Today, Jan.

14, 2022, we are announcing a change in the company’s approach to Canadian-based operations,” the company told in a written statement, responding to questions about its Canadian operations.

(Photo: Schneider)

“Despite the dedication and best efforts over many years, Canadian-based operations do not fit within Schneider’s long-term strategic focus. This decision was difficult.

The change will affect all 150 Canadian-based associates and drivers. We are working with associates during the transition. Company trucks and equipment will transfer to our U.S.-based network to continue to serve our customers and as we proceed with the sale of the Guelph, Ont., property.

We expect Schneider will no longer have Canadian-based operations by the end of March.

We have notified all our Canadian associates and will remain in regular communication with them over the coming months.” has learned the 39-acre Guelph property will go to auction later this month, with JLL Commercial Real Estate managing the sale.