Monster food challenges in North Wales will challenge even the biggest appetite

Fancy yourself a master of food? Always finishing everyone else’s meals? Regular sized meals not enough for you?

Then perhaps you should try out these mega food feats scattered across North Wales. From super sized breakfasts to jumbo burgers, these challenges will put any hungry belly to the test. Some of these meals even come with challenges attached to them, with a chance to win prizes and renown should you manage them, either way these tempting treats are bound to leave you reaching for your belt buckle.

: The best afternoon teas in North Wales for Mother’s Day 2022 1. Mike’s Bites – The Greedy B******

The iconic challenge for students of Bangor University, this dish is available for anyone to take on, if you think you can manage: three pieces of bacon, three sausages, four hashbrowns, two fried eggs, scrambled egg, steak, fried bread, tomatoes, beans, mushrooms, three black puddings, two pieces toast and drink one pint of tea. With no bathroom breaks, no swaps and no sharing. If you can beat the whole meal in less than 80 minutes you get your name on the wall of fame, a t-shirt and potentially some free meals.

Location: Holyhead Road, Bangor Cost: GBP25

The Mike’s Bites Greedy B****** challenge has been around for many years.

2. Harvey’s Bar and Grill – 4×4 Burger

I’m sure we’ve all thought one burger wasn’t enough sometimes, two might be a little more filling but four? That’s a whole different ball game. Harvey’s offers the 4×4 Burger, four of it’s burgers, the original, American, BBQ and Main Street stacked high and served with a side of fries and salad, this is one burger that won’t be gone in a few bites.

Beat it, and you’ll even get your face on their wall of fame. Location: Mostyn Street, Llandudno and Caernarfon Road, Bangor Cost: GBP27.99

Monster food challenges in North Wales will challenge even the biggest appetiteThe Harveys 4×4 burger looks like a real challenge to beat.


Hickory’s Smokehouse – The Smokehouse Platter & The Go Big or Go Home Burger What faced with the wealth of options Hickory’s gives you it can be difficult to know where to start, opting for the Smokehouse Platter means there is no need to choose. The platter comes with a full selection of beef brisket, Memphis-style baby back ribs, BBQ baby back ribs ,Smoked pork, jalapeno & cheese sausage, Barbecue hand-pulled pork, Eight-hour smoked Jacobs Ladder and Bourbon glazed slow-smoked chicken wings, all with a side of skin-on fries, house slaw, pickles & Tennessee bourbon gravy.

If you fancy condensing a lot of that in Burger form, you can also try their Go Big or Go Home Burger. Location: Llandudno Road, Rhos-on-Sea Cost: Smokehouse Platter – GBP48, Go Big or Go Home Burger – GBP18.50

Monster food challenges in North Wales will challenge even the biggest appetiteThis is only a small amount of the full size Smokehouse Platter.

Have you tackled any of these massive meals? Let us know in the comments.

4. Hydeout – 32oz Rump steak, Mates Plate & Obscene Dirty Filthy Bomb Burger Tucked away in Menai Bridge, Hydeout’s steak house offers a monster sized steak to take on, weighing in at 32oz with a side mushroom, tomatoes and onions, along with an option of fries or a sweet jacket potato.

It’s not quite the biggest thing on the menu though with the Mates Plate available as well, pitched as a sharer, you could still to take on the loaded trough of spare ribs, ripped pork, beef brisket, chicken wings, hot links, pit beans, fries, cob& bootlace onions, either way both plates will offer a sizable challenge. For those looking for something a little more manageable, you can try the Obscene Dirty Filthy Bomb, a 14oz burger bomb stuffed with bacon, ripped pork,brisket, pork rib, onions, and molten cheese! Location: 1 Coronation Road, Menai Bridge

Cost: 32oz – GBP31.95, Mates Plate – GBP46, Dirty Filthy – GBP15.95

Monster food challenges in North Wales will challenge even the biggest appetiteThe Obscene Dirty Filthy Bomb Burger looks absolutely delightful.

5. Route 66 – The Rocky Balboa, The Quadfather and The Deputy Dog Challenge Offering not one, not two, but three challenges to anyone brave enough to try them.

You can take on the Rocky Balboa a stack of six quarter lb beef burgers, topped with cheese, crispy bacon, hash browns and six onion rings, all with a side salad, fries and a drink. If that’s a bit much for you though, you can on the slightly smaller, but only marginally less challenging Quadfather, four quater lb beef burgers, topped with two rashers of bacon, two hash browns, four onion rings and cheese, with a side of fires, beans and a drink. Burgers not your cup of tea though, then try the Deputy Dog, two hot dogs in a roll topped with chilli con carne, donner meat, bacon, cheese, onions, jalapenos, pepperoni, nachos and fries.

Location: Towyn road, Abergele

Cost: Rocky – GBP17, Quadfather – GBP14, Deputy Dog – GBP15