Video shows truck getting flipped in Texas tornado before driving off

A storm system that passed through Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama overnight on Monday and forged a path for tornados to rip through Austin suburbs and parts of Oklahoma has left at least four injured and flattened buildings, homes and RVs. There was, however, a bit of good news that came out of the destruction that was heavily documented by social media users. A wild video from Elgin, Texas, shared on Twitter by local storm chaser Brian Emfinger, shows a pick-up truck getting swept up by one of the tornadoes that made landfall in the suburbs of Austin on Monday night.

The red car is flipped a couple of times on the highway before landing upright and continuing to drive away, seemingly unscathed from the incident. Twitter users were floored to see the driver of the pickup truck stick the landing, and continue to make their way down the road without, what appeared, any injury. Several videos and pictures captured on Monday night by people in the storm’s path gave a glimpse of the devastation that has been caused so far in the southern states.

Some posts social media showed the massive damage that had incurred to houses and schools in the area, while one viral video reveals that raw level of fear pulsating through inhabitants as you can see the tornado begin to approach the parking lot of a Walmart in Round Rock before people in the parking lot begin shouting “run, run, run”.

About 22 million people were at risk from coming into the path of severe storms across Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana, forecasters said, as the storm system moved northwest.