Wiltshire bin strikes: Another organiser says she was hit by lorry in Calne

Nicola Nixon, GMB Regional Organiser told the Gazette & Herald that this morning (March 9) she was hit by one of Hills Waste Solution’s lorries and has suffered from bruising as a result. She explained: “We weren’t asked to leave the site. But the trucks were quite heavily delayed this morning.

“I was pushed forward by one of the lorries. This has happened to other picketers earlier in the week. Unfortunately, the police did have to be called, so that’s something that’s now being dealt with.”

The incident has not put Ms Nixon off from joining the picketers, and she is intent on continuing to send a message to the company. “I’ll be back there tomorrow. It’s unfortunate because it’s not the focus of the industrial action.

It’s just sad that it gets to this point.” “Our members deserve a decent pay rise and that’s what this is about.” Gary Palmer, the regional organiser for the GMB union, said: “We’ve spoken to the police liaison officer, and it’s a basic concern that the vehicles can pick up speed over quite a distance before they get to the picketers in Calne.

“Forty to forty-five miles an hour, would easily be what they were going at, as an estimate – it is scary. A truck at that speed is death. “The guy did break in the end – maybe a bit too late because it hit Nicola.

“I don’t know how seriously it will get taken by the police. The police took about two and a half hours to respond to us when a similar incident happened on Monday. But when Hills called them because we were accused of blocking the road, they were there within the hour.”

: Video emerges of waste truck allegedly hitting bin strikers Police have yet to acknowledge the latest incident but confirmed they were looking into the previous collisions earlier in the week. A Wiltshire Police spokesman said: “We are aware of protest activity at waste sites in Stephenson Road, Salisbury, and Riverway, Trowbridge.

“At both sites we have received reports of possible slow-speed minor collisions involving vehicles and those attending the protest, but nobody has been injured. “Officers have attended both sites to engage with the small groups in attendance and will remain at the scene as long as they are required. “Our enquiries regarding any offences are ongoing.”

In a statement regarding the previously reported collisions, Hills Municipal Collections said: “Yesterday morning GMB Union representatives blockaded both the Stephenson Road, Churchfields Depot in Salisbury and the Riverway Depot in Trowbridge, stopping waste collection vehicles and staff from leaving the sites.  “It is therefore very worrying and disappointing to hear reports that two striking pickets were allegedly struck by a vehicle attempting to legally exit from a depot. We are extremely relieved that no serious injury has been caused to the two individuals.   

“The incident is being investigated, including a review of the vehicle footage, and the matter has been reported to Wiltshire Police.

“Preventing vehicles from leaving any Hills depot is a clear breach of the regulations governing lawful picketing.

Clear guidance on crossing picket lines was issued to all Hills employees, customers and suppliers in advance of the industrial action.”