‘Noisy trucks’ and cars are blocking street, say neighbours

People living in a Slough street have complained over noise disturbances and cars blocking the front of their homes. Neighbours living in Coleridge Crescent believe a business may be operating from the street, which is adding to an increase in comings and goings and traffic throughout the night. Slough Borough Council said more people had become self-employed during Covid, which means they could be using their own vehicles and parking them at home.

The local authority was keen to stress that this did not mean that they are running businesses from their properties. But a concerned Colnbrook resident contacted the Local Democracy Reporting Service to say there had been a build of noise and traffic at at Coleridge Crescent over the past four years. They say the streams of people coming in and out of the site has caused a noise disturbance to neighbours, which goes against legislation that protects homeowners from “home businesses”.

: Cheapest and most expensive neighbourhoods in Berkshire The resident said approximately 13 trucks and eight cars, including people carriers and SUVs, are parked at all hours of the day and night. They said: “Vehicles block the fronts of houses for months at a time not to be moved.

“When trucks come at late night, they are noisy, offloading cargo, making repairs, trucks freely park on ‘double yellow lines’ and the bus stop on Dawley Ride/ Coleridge crescent, obstructing the roads, safe commuting around the school areas.” They and Colnbrook with Poyle ward councillor Dexter Smith have said they have contacted the council’s planning enforcement to restrict parking and noise at the site. A council spokesperson said they cannot talk about planning enforcement until the council acts, and it becomes an enforcement notice. They added: “During Covid a large number of people become self-employed drivers/delivery drivers using their own vehicles and are parking those vehicles at their residential addresses.

“This doesn’t necessarily mean they are running a business from the property or have made any changes which would require planning permission.

I think the best advice we could give the complainant is to contact planning enforcement direct, so our planning enforcement officer can speak to him about his specific complaints.”