Police mocked for seizing quad bike from toddler then towing it on huge truck

Police have been accused of “making themselves look a joke” after seizing a quad bike being ridden by a two-year-old child. Officers in Staffordshire sparked a huge reaction after seeing the youngster and another six-year-old child riding the quad bike on a greenway near Tunstall Park. The machine was seized under section 165 of The Road Traffic Act – but not everyone is impressed.

Several StokeonTrent Live readers readers have questioned why the police took such a heavy-handed approach. Ian Swift said: “Are you having a laugh? “I saw these in Tunstall on this quad and it barely went faster than I can walk.

Staffordshire Police need to get a grip instead of making themselves look a joke.”

The machine was seized under section 165 of The Road Traffic Act (Stoke Live/BPM MEDIA)

Karl Landon said: “They could have just said ‘sorry that’s not allowed here, please take it home but here is a list of places you can use it’. Ridiculous, if you ask me.” Mark Cooper said: “A complete joke.

There are no words for this. I bet the police were well chuffed.” Lawrence Stones said: “Instead of taking their pride and joy away, go and find real criminals.

A waste of taxpayers’ money.” Debi Louise added: “How ridiculous, like they’ve not got anything else to be doing. You ring 999 and it takes them three hours to come out.

Now we know they’re too busy taking quads from two-year-olds.” But other readers have backed Staffordshire Police ‘s decision. They fear someone could have been mown down by the two-year-old.

Jason Clarke said: “It’s illegal – it’s that simple. I’m sorry, if a parent thinks a petrol quad bike is suitable for a two-year-old then you need to take a serious look at yourself and maybe learn what responsible parenting is.” Simon Oakes said: “If the two-year-old on the quad had collided with another child in Tunstall Park then everyone would be moaning that the police weren’t there to stop kids riding round on quad bikes.”

Phil Davies added: “The most worrying thing about this story is the amount of people who think that this is acceptable.”

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