Reading hospital rallies to deliver urgent supplies to Ukraine hospitals in need

A Ukrainian doctor practicing in Reading has teamed up with his hospital operator to deliver more than 110 tonnes of urgent medical supplies across his home country.  Sergey Tadtayev has galvanised his colleagues in Reading to gather 10-truck loads of vital kit and medical supplies from across the Circle Health Group ‘s national network of 53 hospitals.  In response to direct requests from Ukrainian doctors, Royal Berkshire Hospital has worked with the Ukrainian doctors’ union, Ukraine Medical Association, and the British Red Cross to identify needs in war-hit hospitals.

Ventilators, crutches, walking frames, respiratory masks, scrubs, bandages, wound kits, operating tables and other medical supplies have been stock-piled from Circle hospitals across the country and delivered directly to the doors of five hospitals covering North, South, East and West Ukraine.

Dr Tadtayev said: “My heart breaks for my fellow doctors back home who are fighting heroically to care for the sick and wounded, even as the bombs continue to fall.

“Hospitals are struggling to get basic supplies because transport and manufacturing have been so badly disrupted, so I knew I had to do something to help. ”