Tattooed Stokie who appeared on Jeremy Kyle Show trashed shop

A drunken yob attacked a shopkeeper and caused damage to his shop. Ryan Wibberley pushed the victim and knocked over cans and wine bottles at the Fenton store. Magistrates at North Staffordshire Justice Centre heard 29-year-old Wibberley was ‘very intoxicated’ when he went into Foley News in Fenton.

He was arrested following the disturbance and has been handed a court bill of more than GBP800 as a result of his behaviour. Heavily tattooed Wibberley – who in 2016 appeared on the Jeremy Kyle Show claiming to have inked his name on 39 women – walked into the store and ranted at the employee behind the counter. Wibberley was said to have demanded “Ring him now” of the shop worker, but didn’t say who he was referring to.

Prosecutor Zaine Riaz said: “The injured party was confused by the request. The defendant then pointed to the employee and pushed him, began knocking beer cans and bottles all over the shop, causing them to smash. : 90mph drink-driver crashes into car and lorry on A500

“The employee went behind the till to protect himself. There was a plastic sheet on the door which the defendant ripped off. The defendant reached through and pushed the injured party.

“During that scuffle, wine bottles behind the counter were knocked over and more damage was caused. The injured party rang the police. Police arrived and the defendant was arrested.

“During the car journey to custody he began spitting on the car seat. Officers asked him to stop, but he didn’t listen and continued to spit. Given the current climate, it was concerning to the officers.

The vehicle needed to be professionally cleaned.” In his police interview Wibberley, of Greysan Avenue, Packmoor, accepted his actions and said he could not remember the incident clearly because he was so drunk. He apologised and offered to pay for the damage.

The forklift truck driver went on to plead guilty to assaulting the shopkeeper and two charges of criminal damage. The court heard he had not been in court since 2015. Mark Harrison, mitigating, said: “He lives with his partner and three children, and has two other children he also supports.

He has kept himself out of trouble for a number of years. “This was a one-off offence, against the background of him losing two young children in around 12 months, one being just four days old and the other four weeks old. “The most recent was in September and these offences took place just before Christmas.

He got himself in a state and drank too much. It was against this background that it took place”. Magistrates fined Wibberley a total of GBP534 and ordered him to pay GBP100 compensation to the shop and GBP71.61 to Staffordshire Police for the cleaning of the police car.

Together with the GBP169 in court costs and charges, he was left with a total bill of GBP874.61. Susan Sutton, chairperson of the bench, said: “We would like to extend our condolences to you for what happened to your children. It’s in very sad circumstances but a crime has been committed.”

In 2016, Wibberley appeared on the controversial daytime TV show in a segment entitled ‘Why would I cheat on you, I’ve got your name tattooed on my face’ along with his partner. He was reported to have told a tabloid newspaper after the appearance, “I just get p***** up and I get my tattoo gun out. It’s a laugh.

It’s not taking advantage because they want it done.”

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