Tesco driver hailed hero after crash near Surrey hospital

A Tesco delivery driver has been hailed as a hero after stopping at the scene of an accident on a busy Surrey road and using his van as a barrier to protect bystanders from oncoming traffic. The man was also seen donning a hi-vis vest to direct traffic and using nearby traffic cones to secure the area while waiting for emergency services to arrive. The quick-thinking driver was seen springing into action after a collision on the A30 between Ashford Hospital and the Clockhouse roundabout in Feltham, at around 4pm on Sunday (May 15).

A car had swerved into a lamppost and knocked it over, with the driver of the vehicle suffering a head injury. The delivery driver was joined by other onlookers in assisting at the scene, with some offering first aid to the injured driver while waiting for the emergency services. Upon the arrival of the police a few minutes later, the Tesco driver continued to assist by moving his van at their request to block an entry point to the road.

: Surrey firefighters drive 4×4 vehicles across Europe to donate them to Ukrainian colleagues “The Tesco driver said he’d been assisting for over an hour and really deserves credit,” said eyewitness Jenny Baker. “The bystanders and residents who came out of their homes were also brilliant in offering the injured man first aid and they’re all heroes in my opinion. I’m just so impressed with everyone, there were probably 20 good people that stopped and helped.”

A spokesperson for the South East Coast Ambulance Service (SECAMB) confirmed: “One ambulance crew attended the scene following reports of a head injury.

The person didn’t require further hospital treatment.”