Tesco lorry chaos as vehicle gets stuck on city streets

It is probably one of the most embarrassing things a lorry driver could think of happening – getting your vehicle stuck on the road. But for one unlucky driver, this became a reality today while out on deliveries for Tesco. While trying to manoeuvre around two fairly tight streets, the vehicle became trapped while going round a corner.

The incident led to a bit of traffic chaos locally, BristolLive reports, as motorists in the South West city were unable to get where they wanted. The lorry became stuck at around 7am and the recovery vehicle did not start clearly the vehicle up until around 6.30pm. : Gosforth dentist forced to give up career after horror bike crash left him with brain injury

However, to make proceedings worse, the lorry soon became just the first vehicle to get stuck on the road. Local reports from the scene said that while trying to get the lorry away, the tow truck also became stuck as it struggled to get clear of parked cars on the road. While the lorry was trapped, it did cause quite a stir with many passers-by taking photos.

Despite what had unfolded, the lorry driver appeared to be in good spirits and smiling. He said the issue had happened because of a car parked on the corner he was trying to get his lorry around. This limited the turning arc and the large vehicle becoming stuck.

The lorry had the words “Salmon en route”, which seemed like a fairly ironic twist.

But speaking to reporters, the Tesco driver confirmed that it was not just fish on board, with a wide range of groceries in the back.