Tesco lorry gets stuck and causes traffic chaos

A supermarket lorry driver was l red-faced after getting his vehicle stuck while trying to get deliveries done. The scenes unfolded when the Tesco lorry became stuck on a corner between two streets at around 7am today (May 12). By the end of the working day, it was still there, BristolLive reports.

The driver was still awaiting rescue at the scene. Speaking at the scene, the driver said he would have been able to make the turn if a car had not been parked on the corner, limiting his turning arc. The incident proved to be hilarious viewing for passers-by, with many taking pictures and laughing.

However, the driver seemed to take it all in good spirits. But some people who might not have seen the funny side of it were local motorists in Bristol, who were unable to go down their intended route.

Passers-by have a good chuckle at the stuck Tesco lorry

What seemed to an ironic twist to the situation was the fact that the lorry had the slogan ‘Salmon en route’ on its side. Thankfully for people nearby, the driver confirmed that things would not get too smelly there and the vehicle was full of a wide range of groceries.

Eventually a tow truck arrived.

However, just when things could not get any worse, the recovery also got stuck as it struggled to get past parked cars.