Tesco lorry gets stuck on residential side street for 12 hours

A Tesco lorry got stuck on a residential street and remained there for more than 12 hours. It happened after the driver of the HGV tried to negotiate a tight corner and became well and truly jammed. To make matters worse the tow truck attempting to free it got stuck too.

The bizarre blockage happened in Bristol yesterday (Thursday May 12). The Tesco truck was wedged between Upper Cheltenham Place as it turns into Brook Road, in the Montpellier area of the city from shortly before 7am. And it was still there 12 hours later, despite several attempts to free it.

:Jaguar Land Rover unveils all-new Range Rover Sport The vehicle completely blocked access to both roads. The incident happened in the wake of complaints from residents who have expressed their concerns the narrow streets have turned into a ‘rat run’, reports Bristol Live.

It is understood the Tesco driver was attempting a shortcut, due to a temporary road closure of Ashley Road, the main road from Stokes Croft, through St Pauls to the M32 junction, because of roadworks. The driver had left Avonmouth with a full load of groceries to be delivered to Tesco supermarkets around the Bristol area. One local resident said: “It’s been there since 7am.

I spoke to the police at the scene, they said they are awaiting recovery.

I should imagine it’s going to be quite a while before it’s moved as it was a real head scratcher. ”

Although there are no reports as to precisely how the lorry was eventually released, just after 10pm last night Bristol Live reported that it had finally gone.