Waitrose ‘back lorry driver’ after Jeremy Vine shamed them on social media for overtaking his bike

A petition to “Remove Jeremy Vine from the BBC” emerged following the incident as many condemned the broadcaster for promoting unfair accusation against the driver

Broadcaster and cycling safety activist Jeremy Vine shamed a Waitrose lorry driver by sharing footage of a ride he went on with two members of the Met Police’s dedicated cycling team,. Mr Vine scrutinised the behaviour of the driver, after the officer was forced to move to the middle of the lane and raise his arm to alert the motorist of their presence. In his voiceover, Mr Vine began by saying: “I want you to watch this police officer just in front of it [the lorry].

“Again, the word police is in large letters on his back. You see him flinch, he moves left a bit, raises his right hand as if to say, ‘hang on, you just came too close.’

The supermarket chain faced increased questioning over the employment future of the HGV driver.Waitrose

“Now, I’m starting to think this does look close for a whacking-weight truck like this”. The officer later added: “The Waitrose lorry just close-passed us.

It was so close to me. I was here, and his wheels were touching the line.”

Waitrose 'back lorry driver' after Jeremy Vine shamed them on social media for overtaking his bike

Jeremy Vine on his bikeKirsty O’Connor

The video erupted on Twitter yielding questions whether the HGV driver had committed an offence, as they commented he remained in his lane.

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There has been increased speculation over the drivers current employment status following the incident, with driver and influencer, Luke C in a HGV, claiming the driver had since been suspended and pending further investigation. After contacting Waitrose’s Executive Director, James Bailey, Luke C and trans.INFO reports that the driver in question remain employed by the supermarket chain.

In an email exchange, Mr Bailey said: “Thank you for your support – please be assured this is not correct – the driver in question is still working for us”.

He added: “We’ve had a look into this and having reviewed the footage, it does look as though our driver used the correct positioning whilst travelling on a narrow lane”.

GB News has contacted Waitrose for response.