‘We really thought he was dead’: Mum’s horror after teen hit by 50-tonne truck

A horrified mum has revealed the moment she thought her son had died after he was struck by a wagon in Ramsbottom . Alex Pennington was hit by a 50-tonne truck after stepping out into the road at around 3.30pm on Thursday (May 19). The incident happened at the junction of Lumb Carr Road and Bolton Road West.

The 15-year-old then attempted to walk home but was stopped by the driver and two cyclists who saw blood pouring down his side. The group made him sit down and called an ambulance while applying pressure to his wound. A passing motorist informed Alex’s parents, Rachel and Shaun, who immediately rushed to the scene.

When Rachel saw her son lying on the floor wrapped in an emergency blanket, she initially thought he was dead. : ‘Hell on earth’: Manchester Airport passengers hit out at ‘carnage’ with long queues and ‘four HOUR wait for luggage’ “God knows what would have happened to our boy if they hadn’t have made him sit down and applied pressure to the spurting blood,” the 47-year-old told the Manchester Evening News. “When me and my husband Shaun got to him, we really thought he was dead as he was completely white.

One of the cyclists administered excellent first aid to stem the wound, even applied a dressing.” Alex was taken to Royal Bolton Hospital A&E where he had a deep puncture wound sewn up and superficial grazes cleaned. Although he missed sitting three of his GCSE exams at Woodhey High School in Ramsbottom, his family say he is “one lucky boy”.

One of Alex’s wounds

The family are now trying to trace the two cyclists who rushed to Alex’s aid so they can thank them.

One cyclist was male while the other was female. “Luckily, he’s healing well, and he’s more worried about how the driver of the wagon is,” mum-of-three Rachel continued. “We didn’t get chance to get the names of the cyclists nor the car driver. If you were any of these, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for looking after our boy so well.

We’re blown away by your kindness and would like to know who you were!

'We really thought he was dead': Mum's horror after teen hit by 50-tonne truckAlex after the accident

“Also, thank you to the staff at Woodhey High School who dashed over to check he was ok.

Although he’s very sore today and missed three of his GCSE exams, he’s one lucky boy!”

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