Canada’s spot market continues to cool – Truck News

Canadian spot market load volumes fell 15% in May, according to Loadlink Technologies, reflecting a cooling from pandemic-induced highs. For the second consecutive month, truck capacity increased with 1.68 trucks available for each load. But despite the softening market, loads were still up 40% year over year.

spot market infographic

Loads from Canada to the U.S. dropped 30% from April, but were still up 82% year over year.

Inbound loads dropped 12% but were up 27% year over year. And domestic loads were down 5% from April but were up 45% year over year. Loadlink says the rise in the truck-to-load ratio reflects the transitory nature of the spot market in Canada, as it recovers from record-setting low capacity seen in the pandemic.

The 1.68 trucks per load was up 47.4% from April, but remained 32% lower than last May when there were 2.47 trucks per load.

spot market chart