Forterra steers young drivers in the right direction by supporting CarKraft event

The vehicle was driven by one of Forterra’s Delivery Agents, Garth Brooks, along with Mobile LGV Mechanic, Martin Birkenhead — both of whom helped out with the demonstrations. The event focussed on the importance of maintaining a constant awareness of blind spots while driving; and several of the young drivers were allowed to sit in the cabin of the LGV for a first-hand experience. A range of young drivers aged 17-30 attended the event, where they were taught safe skills on the road in a variety of vehicles.

Alongside Forterra’s own larger vehicle, the young drivers were given safety demonstrations in several smaller Volvo cars. CarKraft is a safety event that aims to reduce the number of avoidable road accidents in the wider Northamptonshire area, educating drivers before they take to the roads; young people who do not yet drive were also in attendance at the event. Keith Millard of Northamptonshire Highways, said: “The event was a real success and the Forterra employees were super helpful.

This is a really important thing to raise awareness of and we’re glad to have support from companies such as Forterra. “The transport and logistics sector of our industry is vital to the continuing functioning of the country. Many of the young people who attended the event will go on to support the backbone of our industries.

If we educate the future generation of drivers now, we can pre-emptively avoid road accidents in the years to come.”

There will be another CarKraft safety event on 23rd July, at which the Forterra lorry, driver and mechanic will also be in attendance.

Forterra regularly promotes road safety, having supported several events over the years including The Young Citizens Scheme organised by Daventry District Council and South Northants Community Safety Partnership, and a similar event arranged by Northamptonshire Police, Northamptonshire Fire Service and Kettering Borough Council.