HGVT Offers Life-changing LGV and HGV Driver Training in the UK

Professional driver training programmes involve preparing drivers for challenges and different incidents on the road while driving. This is why there is always a strong emphasis on building both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Drivers who are on the path to becoming distinguished LGV and HGV drivers would need the training services of a highly professional driver training academy.

With several training centres within the UK, HGVT provides excellent driver training services. They offer training courses for various licence categories. These include PCV training, CAT C/Class 2, CAT C1, CPC certification, Horsebox training, and CATC + E/Class 1.

They are one of the largest providers of LGV/HGV training in the UK, and their services speak for themselves. UK’s Trusted HGV Driver Training Platform Getting a lorry licence or an HGV licence is made easy through the services provided at HGVT.

Their training solutions bring and prepare drivers for a long-term rewarding career. They have standard facilities across the globe where they offer affordable HGV driver training services, and in their various centres, they ensure that drivers at the end of the day can confidently drive commercial vehicles such as lorries, bin lorries, and tipper trucks. Responding to a query, HGVT’s spokesperson said, “We offer one of the best commercial vehicle training services in the industry where we serve.

We can assure you that our trainers will instil in you the knowledge, experience, and expertise needed to excel in the industry. By this, you can be sure to stand out and have easy access to over 10,000 jobs in the UK. Through our training procedures, we also help trainees understand the fundamental and advanced aspects of driving heavy goods or large goods vehicles thoroughly.”

“Standard HGV Licence Programme” HGVT offers training solutions that assist prospective HGV drivers with acquiring their HGV licence for driver seamlessly. For every licence class, they have specific training courses that will equip drivers effectively in their operations.

With an HGV licence, drivers are open to more opportunities and can rest assured of receiving better payment anywhere they are hired. The spokesperson further added, “All the HGV licence categories have their different peculiarities. However, they all come with acquired rights.

What this implies is that if a driver acquires a CAT C HGV driving licence, such a driver will be fit and eligible to drive various vehicles that are within that category, and even those in the lesser HGV licence category. HGV trainee drivers should also note that when they finally acquire their licence, they will need to go through ongoing CPC training every five years to validate their driver card. It is a training programme fully interlocked with their career.”

Top LGV Driver Training Courses in the UK There are basic requirements for starting HGVT’s LGV driver training in the UK. Based on legal standards, people interested in becoming professional drivers must be above 18 and must have a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC).

Also, they would need a full car licence before they begin training, they would need to apply for a provisional entitlement, and they are to pass a routine medical exam & a theory test. Organizations and individuals who need more information about HGVT training offerings and packages in the UK can make consultations through their website – www.hgvt.co.uk, anytime. Address: HGVT, Alpha House, Regis Road.

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