Kirkcaldy man has recovery truck stolen just two weeks after buying vehicle

Recovery truck stolen from Kirkcaldy.Recovery truck stolen from Kirkcaldy.



A Kirkcaldy man has had his recovery truck stolen just two weeks after buying the vehicle. Taylor Gray says the blue van – which is about 28 years old – was in a car park on Mid Street when it was stolen between 3.30pm on Sunday and noon on Tuesday. Taylor thinks the thief smashed a window to gain entry to the truck, which was parked near his home.

He said: “I’ve still got the key but I noticed today that there’s smashed glass where the driver’s window would be, so I think they’ve probably smashed the driver’s side window and either hotwired it, or winched it away on a bigger recovery truck.

The truck was stolen from a car park in the Mid Street area of Kirkcaldy.

“It is quite old so I don’t think it would be that difficult for it to get started. “We last saw it at about 3.30pm on Sunday and I just wasn’t really paying attention because you don’t walk past it coming out of my flat, and I just noticed it was gone today at about noon. “I’ve never had any bother with cars parked there, I think it’s just been a target because it’s a recovery truck.”

Distinctive Dundee recovery logo

The vehicle has a ‘Dundee 24-hour recovery’ logo on it from a previous owner.

Taylor hopes the distinctive look of the truck will help him track it down. He added: “If somebody sees it, it should be pretty obvious because it’s bright blue – so fingers crossed. “I just think somebody’s spotted it and thought, ‘I’ll have that’, and knew what they were doing.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “At around 12.40pm on Tuesday, police received a report at pick-up recovery truck had been stolen from the Mid Street area in Kirkcaldy and inquiries are ongoing.”

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