Man caught on camera using racist slur

A video has emerged online of a man shouting racial slurs at another man in a retail car park in Leicester. The incident happened outside Beaumont Shopping Centre in Beaumont Leys, where the man can be seen calling the victim a “Muslim ****” and later admitting to calling him a “lazy Muslim ****”. The man can be seen lowering his head to level with a car window while delivering his tirade.

The victim, recording the incident from inside the car, can be heard asking the man to repeat his slurs for the camera – resulting in a barrage of vulgar language. The footage goes on to reveal witnesses coming forward to side with the victim and has been shared online with almost 3,000 views. Leicestershire Police confirmed the incident was reported by a third party on May 19 and inquiries to identify the person is ongoing.

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The video is one minute and 49 seconds long and begins with the victim asking the man to repeat himself. He can be heard saying “What did you say?”, to which the man replied, “I said you’re a **** ****”. The victim, from inside the car, asks the man the man again: “no, repeat what you said before.

If you’re a man”, to which he replied: “ok record this, you Muslim ****. The driver goes on to call the man a “stupid racist” as he walks away from the car. Witnesses can be seen reprimanding the man a short distance away, who points to the car and says “he’s lazy”.

As the driver gets out of the car, another witness can be seen coming out of a truck saying: “I heard that, he called you a Muslim c-word”, referring to what was said before the driver began recording. He then walks closer to the man, who had put his shopping bags down near where the trolleys are stored. He is captured saying: “I can say what I ******* like”, before responding to the witnesses’ repeated questions.

The man finally admits: “So what, I called him a lazy Muslim ****, I’ll say what I ******* like mate.” The video ends with the man calling the witnesses a “nosy ****” and telling them to mind their own business. A spokesman for Leicestershire Police said: “On 19 May, we received a report from a third party concerning a video online, which was reported to show racist abuse.

“A report has been created and enquiries to identify all parties within the video are continuing.

The occurrence has been recorded as taking place at Beaumont Way, Beaumont Leys”.

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