Meet the female West Lothian trucker making waves in a male-dominated world

Working a male-dominated world, Edinburgh trucker Kayla Young has been making waves in the truck-driving world. The social media star has made a name for herself on Tiktok, with nearly 22,000 followers with many of her videos going viral and gaining up to 150,000 views a time. The 25-year-old hasn’t let her gender stop her from achieving her dreams, and frequently posts to her 18,500 Instagram followers her haulage adventures from Broxburn, West Lothian.

READ MORE – Edinburgh mum accuses health club of ‘exploiting parents’ after swimming lesson price rise According to Backline Logistics, out of the 315,000 registered truck drivers in the UK, only 2,200 are female and only one per cent are HGV drivers. Talking about how she became interested in the trucking and the hauling industry, Kayla said: “I went to Truckfest five or six years ago and I loved it.

I loved the cool trucks, and all the cool, shiny stuff, and I just thought ‘I’m going to go get my class 2’. “I told my mum and she said ‘you’ll never be able to do that, you have false nails and wear make-up’ and I turned around to her and said ‘watch me.'”

Kayla YoungKayla in her cab.

Kayla was studying for a degree in accounting at the same time as practising for her practical and theory tests, which she passed first time. “I never planned to use my license, I knew I just wanted one,” she said. “I knew one or two ladies in the industry beforehand but nothing other than that.

Normally people who go into the industry know loads of people beforehand, or can get their license for horse lorries if they’re wanting to be a groom etc, but I got my license for no reason other than I wanted one.” The 25-year-old has become a phenomenon on Tiktok, where she regularly uploads videos of her life as a young, female truck driver. She has become an inspiration to many young girls who want to follow in her footsteps, but feel as though their femininity is holding them back.

She said: “Young girls message me all the time asking how I got into this industry. I’ve actually got a detailed description in my notes app that I just fire out to anyone who asks me. “One of my presentations at University was on how to be a lorry driver, which I’ve saved so I also send that out to people.

I love it when young people message me. I was 23 when I passed but I feel there are only a few under 25s in this industry. I think it’s a brilliant industry to get into and there are less demanding jobs that women can come in to.”

“I started gaining attention on social media a year and a bit ago. I put up a video and it got 5,000 likes and I just kept making videos from there. I don’t do it for attention, what I want to do is show the work I do and show how a girl like me can do a job like this.

You get female lorry drivers who are usually a lot more butch, but I turn up to building sites with make-up on and pink nails, curly hair, I love it.”

Kayla YoungShe is an inspiration to others.

“Guys always do a double-take when I turn up to the building sites. It can be very daunting. But if you don’t own it, you don’t overcome it.

I just have to have banter with the guys, and just joke about it. “I get men who ask me if I can get my Dad to move the lorries for me and I have to explain to them that it’s actually me who drives them. They don’t even think about me being the driver until I actually have to say to them ‘my dad?

The driver is me!’ I feel so proud when I say I am the one who can drive these massive lorries.” For the last few years, Kayla has also raised money for charity by selling a fully clothed calendar with friends to promote women in this heavily male dominated career. Last year, they raised GBP25,000 for a number of charities such as MIND, and Erskine and even featured on BBC News. “We never thought we would raise as much as we did.

This year, a few of us are skydiving or climbing Ben Nevis to raise money. We tend to support smaller, independent charities that rely on donations.” This week saw Kayla start a brand-new job.

She shares “What I’m doing now is taking these machines to the building sites. I take diggers, machines, rollers, dumpers, things like that! I’m still learning, I’m still at the bottom of the ladder and it is daunting but it’s so rewarding.

“I get asked ‘why step frame work?’ and I reply ‘because it’s exciting!’ There’s been cases with the guys where the machines slide off the side of the lorry and things like that.

It’s one of the most challenging jobs but I love it.”

You can support Kayla’s charity initiative here.

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