Andy Street hails ‘automotive excellence’ as West Midlands Mayor visits Tevva

West Midlands Mayor Andy Street visited the electric and hydrogen truck OEM Tevva last week, following the launch of its pioneering hydrogen electric truck at RTX earlier this month. Andy had a tour of Tevva's R&D hub at the MIRA Technology Park in Nuneaton with Ken Scott, Chief Engineer, and was given a ride in Tevva's battery electric truck. Andy was given an explanation of Tevva's hydrogen electric and battery electric trucks, and was shown where Tevva plans to produce and manufacture its vehicles, before discussing how Tevva is boosting the local and wider economy.

After being shown Tevva's R&D hub, Andy met the Tevva team at MIRA, Europe's leading mobility research and development location for developing advanced automotive technology, where Tevva has recently announced a base. Tevva's physical presence at MIRA will help the company develop its technologies more rapidly, and will lower overall costs for research and development. West Midlands Mayor Andy Street said:

"It's very exciting to have visited Tevva, as the company is trying to answer one of the tricky questions of the HGV industry.

We've seen electric vehicles develop in cars, but we haven't yet seen a solution in the HGVs which tackles pollution levels in this sector, whilst getting the job done. It's fantastic to see how Tevva is using battery and electric power to answer this question, whilst delivering automotive excellence."

Ken Scott, Chief Engineer of Tevva, said:

"We were delighted to show Andy Street around our headquarters and to discuss our plans for developing and manufacturing sustainable urban trucks and mobility technology in the UK. With our MIRA base recently opened in Nuneaton, it was great discussing the manufacturing talent based in the West Midlands, and Tevva's plans for developing innovative zero-emissions mobility solutions that can address climate change and local air quality issues.

Around 20% of Tevva's growing workforce is based in the region."