Boy racers keeping residents awake revving their engines

Cars with illegal exhausts have been deafening Lincoln residents, a councillor says. Councillor Martin Christopher captured video of drivers revving their engines at 1am in the car park of Wragby Road Tesco, and says it isn't an isolated incident. He claims the exhausts were clearly illegally modified to make them even noisier.

He wants police to do more to crackdown on anti-social behaviour in cars before it leads to bigger problems. "You could hear the noise all the way from Lindum Hill - it carried for a long way. The poor people living across the road from Tesco are absolutely livid," he said.

Read more: Pickup truck crashes into front of Lincolnshire fuel station "It can happen most nights in the summer, and sometimes goes on until midnight or 1am. It's even worse at weekends.

"One resident has been reporting problems with illegal exhausts to the police for 18 months. When kids have got their licences and they don't get any pushback for illegally tinting their windows and modifying their exhausts, it sends a message that rules don't matter. "Once they've got away with it a few times, it emboldens them and leads to bigger problems.

Co-op have put barriers on the end of the Carlton Centre to stop people using it at night, which could be an answer. "I know police have more serious concerns and it's not an easy thing to stop, but I'd like to see them be more active on this." It is illegal to modify exhausts to make them louder, and drivers could face GBP50 fixed penalty notices. Lincolnshire Police have said they regularly patrol the problem areas and are working to identify offending vehicles Inspector Ian Richardson, Community Policing for Lincoln North East, said: "We are aware of the anti-social behaviour of some road users up and around the Wragby Road and Carlton Centre area.

"The local policing team are regularly patrolling the area, conducting speed checks and other traffic-related checks. Our colleagues in the Roads Policing Unit support any events held and are able to monitor noise levels using decibel monitoring equipment. Where offences are committed we will prosecute.

"We are keen to work with the local community to identify offending vehicles and will follow up any reports or intelligence. Where there isn't sufficient evidence to support a prosecution, we will consider if we can take action in respect of anti-social behaviour. "The team also work with Councillor Martin Christopher and other local organisations to tackle the issues together.

An example is the work undertaken at the Carlton Centre, which has been successful at diverting larger car meets away from the area. "There is an open invitation for any of the local community to raise concerns directly with us. PCSO James Lingard holds regular community meetings at Mamas Bistro at the Carlton Centre, or people can report on-line, or if it's happening at the time, call 101.

"On-line reporting can be done via our website and will be seen and dealt with by our Force Control Room." Tesco has been contacted for comment.