Hero Newport dad leaps into action to rescue driver of overturned lorry

A NEWPORT man was the hero on Wednesday when he rushed to the rescue of a trapped lorry driver. Mr Gettings, who was travelling with his partner and young son, told the Argus he was convinced the lorry was about to tip over. "I could see its tail end go," he said. "It came past us and went straight onto its side."

Despite the shock of the incident, Mr Gettings, who helps run a scrapyard and works with lorry drivers, said he felt compelled to stop and help. "I stopped on the other side of the roundabout and ran over, and I could see something pouring out," he said. Unsure whether it was fuel, he knew he had to act quickly to get to the lorry, which had come to a rest on its left-hand side, and find the driver.

"I was screaming 'Can you hear me?' and he said he was stuck," Mr Gettings said. "I got up on the unit and started kicking the front windscreen. I kicked it 15 or 20 times and got my foot through, then I started kicking the corner and peeled back the window. "I grabbed the driver's leg and started pulling, telling him to get out, then I grabbed him and pulled him through the hole."

He added: "It all happened so quickly, the adrenaline was going, and I got him onto the bank." South Wales Argus: Newport man Keiron Gettings, 38, pictured with son Cody, 5./ppPicture: Keiron Gettings via FacebookNewport man Keiron Gettings, 38, pictured with son Cody, 5. Picture: Keiron Gettings via Facebook As the pair caught their breath on a nearby verge, the police arrived and took control of the scene.

Mr Gettings, 38, said he remembered one bystander shouting at him to stay away from the lorry and the possible fuel spill, but "I couldn't think like that because someone else was in danger". He was himself shaken up after the daring rescue but told the Argus he was relieved he acted so swiftly to help the driver. "I'm glad he's OK, which is the main thing," Mr Gettings said. "Nobody was seriously hurt - [the driver] was a bit shaken up and had glass all over him."

Gwent Police later confirmed no injuries were reported in the incident.

Despite his heroics, Mr Gettings said he was simply what he thought was the right thing.

"I hope somebody would do the same for me," he said.