Horror images from scene of lorry crash at Scottish border show HGV completely destroyed

A lorry has been completely destroyed in a horror collision with another HGV at Gretna Green near the Scottish border. The smash is believed to have taken place on Thursday night and involved two lorries, one of which caught fire. The road is currently closed northbound between junction 44 for Carlisle and junction 45 for Gretna.

Police Scotland officers are currently on the scene to direct motorists as the aftermath of the crash is causing serious delays.

Traffic at a standstill on the M6 near Gretna Green (C) LancsLive Traffic at a standstill on the M6 near Gretna Green

Photos taken at scene show plumes of smoke billowing from the charred remains of the burnt out lorry. The vehicle appears to be flipped on its side, with only the skeleton of its interior visible. Debris was left scattered over the carriageway in the aftermath of the collision.

Fire hoses can be seen strewn across the road while at least two firefighters blast the site down with water as onlookers stand tight on a bridge nearby.

Emergency services raced to the scene (C) NationalHighways Emergency services raced to the scene

Another photo shows a second lorry lying abandoned after appearing to have veered into a grassy verge. Multiple fire crews can be seen in attendance. The southbound side of the motorway was initially locked down but has since reopened.

The northbound carriageway will remain closed for much of today while recovery and carriage repair works take place. Anyone who plans to travel in that direction will need to follow the diversion. It is unclear whether anyone has been hospitalised as a result of the collision, although Cumbria Police said last night that there were not believed to be any serious injuries at that time.

The force added: "Thank you to everyone caught up in the aftermath of yesterday evening's collision on the M6 between two HGVs for your patience whilst emergency services and partners responded.

"Northbound of the M6 remains closed this morning (15 July) for resurfacing."

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