Supply chain data specialist celebrates year of growth

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14:00 Wed 30th Sep 2015 | Posted By UKHAULIER

Concentra, a leading data analytics firm, has announced growth of 35 per cent over the last 12 months, driven by the introduction and innovative use of a series of cutting-edge technologies. Amongst these is SupplyVue, a product that changes the way organisations manage their supply chains, improve performance and gain competitive advantage. SupplyVue’s inventory management module is designed to optimise inventory levels by analysing the flow of product through the supply chain and setting material and product movement policies.

Whereas traditional inventory modelling tools buffer inventory according to levels of uncertainty, process lead-times and variability, SupplyVue takes a unique approach, analysing and diagnosing the complete inventory replenishment process and addressing the root cause of buffers. Using this approach with a global consumer goods company, Concentra was able to identify opportunities within the organisation to reduce inventory by up to 40%. Concentra’s Supply Chain Practice Director Andy Birtwistle commented: “We want to unlock the big data potential for supply chain management.

This is why we have developed technologies for supply chain managers that extract data from underlying systems and analyse and improve supply chain performance.” Andy added: “The real value of analytics is helping to solve the problems an organisation is facing. To get an edge and sustain it, organisations need to be able to understand their data, react to it and act on it, every day.

There’s more to it than simply having the right technology. With best practice analytic techniques pre-built into tools, you can quickly find issues and start delivering value.” Concentra specialises in developing analytics solutions for high profile companies across private and public industries including consumer, healthcare, pharmaceutical and financial services.

With 25 new clients over the past year, Concentra has grown its team of business, technology and analytics experts by 30% and now has over 80 employees.