The beachside horse box that serves some of the best seafood in Wales

There’s a little foodie gem in a Welsh coastal hamlet but not many people might realise it’s there – even though it’s mega popular. For while Cwlbox has only just opened at Wisemans Bridge in Pembrokeshire, it served beachgoers in Saundersfoot for more than three years. When owners Rhiannon and Jody Morgan-Bell had to leave the original spot, they found a new space not too far away.

Serving fresh and local seafood, Jody and Rhiannon took a chance on setting up the food truck in 2018 after moving to Pembrokeshire from Cardiff. They bought an old horse box trailer and soon their dishes like fresh lobster, crispy squid, bang bang prawns and crispy halloumi started flying out – and they haven’t looked back. It was back in May on social media that they announced that their place in Saundersfoot was no longer workable.

Their Facebook post read: “It is with a heavy heart that we’ve decided that we cannot continue at Saundersfoot Beach. Unfortunately, the beach power supply is no longer available to us and we’re not prepared to use a generator when it would have such a detrimental impact on the environment and on that beautiful beach that gave so much to us.” Read more: What it’s like to own one of Wales’ most beautiful beaches

Their crispy squid is a hit

They were contacted by Hean Castle Estate with an interesting proposition – the new slot at Wisemans Bridge.

Cwlbox met with the team a few weeks later and secured the Foundry Point location. Jody said: ‘We feel so lucky to have been offered such a fantastic opportunity, Hean Castle Estate have been very supportive and we’re thrilled with the new pitch which has panoramic views of Saundersfoot Bay. We can’t wait to welcome customers back.”

Cwlbox has relocated to Wisemans Bridge

Cwlbox opened at 16742872, on Wednesday, July 13 for the first time and the opening hours are 9am to 3pm Tuesdays to Sundays each week (weather permitting).

They also plan to do the occasional feast nights when the weather is good.

Follow Cwlbox via social media for more information.

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