This Somerset pub will make you want to be a regular

Situated in Galmington, The Shepherds Rest has proven to be a popular attraction for many living locally. Over the years, the pub has opened its doors to the town of Taunton and continues to deliver excellent customer satisfaction. If you are living within the Galmington and Comeytrowe area, then you have definitely heard of The Shepherds Rest.

I was born and raised in Galmington and every time I have visited the pub the locals and staff have always been very welcoming. READ MORE: Concerns raised over money needed to deliver Gravity site As soon as you step foot inside the pub, it has a reasonably large indoor area.

It has a separate area for those who are out for lunch. It is also a great boozer if you are after a refreshing pint. From cider to fine ale, there is plenty to choose from.

The pub offers a great selection of drinks.The pub offers a great selection of drinks

In terms of the prices, it is quite reasonable.

As soon as you step foot in the town centre, you tend to start paying a little bit more for a drink. As a big cider lover, inevitably, I went for a Thatchers Gold. I know I really need to broaden my horizon when it comes to drinking.

But with that being said, in this heat, cider is perfect and goes down a real treat. A pint of Thatchers Gold costs GBP4.15, which again, is not bad as you will end up paying a bit more elsewhere. If you are a fan of spirits, there is no need to panic, it has a wide range for you to liven the tastebuds.

In this weather you will obviously want to sit outside. It has a very cosy beer garden with plenty of space to relax and enjoy a nice cold drink. For those into their sports, it has a big projector and TV screens dotted across the facility, ready for customers to watch the big games.

The beer garden is perfect in the summerThe beer garden is perfect in the summer

With the World Cup around the corner, it is the perfect place to watch the key games and socialise with friends and family.

It may be biased of me to say this, but I think is one of the best pubs to visit in Taunton.

The atmosphere, the choices of drinks and just how welcoming everyone is, makes it an enjoyable experience every time you step inside.

Inside, there is plenty of room to move around and socialiseInside, there is plenty of room to move around and socialise

Even though the pub is due to be taken over by new owners soon, you would like to think that not a lot will change just because of how great it is already.