Trashosaurus and the Bindalorian: Kid’s have chosen the names of Reading’s new bin lorries

A list of hilarious names of Reading’s bin lorries have been released by the council, after Ricky Gervais spotted his namesake in the town. School children were given the opportunity to choose names which will be printed on the trucks. So you might see Waster Taster, Hungry Hippo or Bin Truck McBinFace picking up your food waste soon.

Adrian Jack, from Caversham, who submitted the entry Ricky Gerwaste in the adults competition, couldn’t believe the attention his suggestion had attracted. It included news article on the NME website and Ladbible and saw Ricky’s tweet receive 111,000 likes.

Is there any greater honour than your hometown naming a garbage truck after you? ?

— Ricky Gervais (@rickygervais) July 7, 2022

Adrian, who visited the Council’s Bennet Road depot last week with his family to see the truck, said: “I was looking for a pun on Ricky’s name because he is local. I saw the post tweeted before I’d been told I’d won, and it was really cool to see other celebrities liking the post.

We recycle all our food waste so it was exciting to win”. Waster Taster was a winning entry from Beau, Churchend Primary School and Hungry Hippo was suggested by Lily Cozens from Thameside Primary School. Trashosaurus came from Brock Briese, of Alfred Sutton Primary School, and The Bindalorian was Harriet Mallett-Plummer idea, from St Joseph’s College.

Bin Truck McBinFace wassuggested by Holly Curtayne from Highdown Secondary School. Cllr Karen Rowland, Lead Member for Environmental Services and Community Safety, said: “We’re delighted that our trucks, which do such a sterling job each week of saving residents’ food waste from going to landfill, have now got names to give them some personality. “I’m pleased Ricky Gervais is excited by the honour of having a truck named after him – we’ll happily show him his truck in person if he’d like to come home for a visit.

“It was great to meet Adrian Jack and his family who invented the catchy name. Ricky’s tweet certainly helped give our valuable food waste recycling programme the spike of attention that it deserves, as our residents are doing a sterling job in getting on board with the programme, but maybe he’s garnered a few more converts to our efforts with food recycling.  Thanks for the attention, Ricky! “Importantly, the naming competition has helped raise awareness about the importance of food waste recycling amongst younger people who will hopefully get more involved with the scheme going forward.

“Keep an eye out for the trucks and see how long it takes to spot all six – never mind Pokemon Go, try Reading Food Waste Truck Bingo!”