WH Malcolm steps up vehicle safety through vehicle camera technology

WH Malcolm, part of the Malcolm Group, the UK's leading providers of logistics, construction and maintenance services in the UK has extended its use of vehicle CCTV camera technology in a bid to enhance the safety of its drivers and employees on-site. The Group, which began its journey 100 years ago with just a single horse and cart, has grown from strength to strength since its early beginnings in the 1920s. With three core divisions, the company now has 2000 employees working across 16 sites throughout the UK and operates over 500 vehicles and 1200 trailers.

In order to enhance the safety of both their drivers, on-site staff and vulnerable road users, Malcolm Group has continued supplementing its 500 strong fleet with a variety of different multi-channel camera systems - offering total 360 coverage around their vehicles to provide ultimate visibility. Their vehicles, comprising of artics, tippers, bespoke plant vehicles, tankers and rigids, have been fitted with three, five and eight-channel camera systems. Malcolm Group began the fitting process in 2017, where it initially used another vehicle CCTV and telematics provider but made the switch to leading vehicle CCTV and telematics provider Centrad after being impressed with the company's competitive price position, its wealth of knowledge within the marketplace and its bespoke customer-centric offering.

Robert Snodgrass, who works within the Business Support department at Malcolm Group commented:

"The adoption of CCTV vehicle camera technology has been scaled significantly over the past five years. The industry is changing rapidly. With a greater onus on fleet operators to enhance their duty of care not only for their staff but also to general road users, the introduction of vehicle CCTV over the past five years was a vital component in helping to facilitate this change.

Previously we were reliant on dash cams to capture incidents, however, such products were not equipped to provide the coverage that we required in order to take proactive steps to reduce the risk of accidents occurring. Such products simply offered a reactive element by providing recorded footage of the incident in question. There is also an increased urgency for operators to fit camera systems on their vehicles to protect the brand a reputation of their business.

With fraudulent claims especially rife, it's vital that operators have the appropriate camera technology in place to solve issues quickly as and when they may arise. Furthermore, the cameras have ensured that 23 of our vehicles are DVS compliant, which is of course imperative to access the Greater London area. The introduction of vehicle CCTV technology has played a part in helping us attain a FORS Bronze standard.

Since installing the cameras onto our fleet we have witnessed a stark reduction in fraudulent claims as well as incidents. In turn, we have also seen a positive improvement in the behaviour of our drivers both on-site and whilst out on the road."

Robert continued:

"Centrad have played an integral part in helping us attain this achievement. Not only were their state-of-the-art products exactly what we were looking for but their personal service offering made the switch entirely seamless.

Their operation from top to bottom is just completely in-sync. From their directors through to their installation team, their service offering is first class, as if an issue arises you're catered for immediately. Their experience in the marketplace is also second to none.

Also, the fact that their Managing Director, Geoff Cross is a former fleet operator means the company has an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced on a day to day basis."