‘Yet another UK nuclear bomb convoy’ spotted being transported to Scotland with each truck ‘carrying two warheads’ – London Business News | Londonlovesbusiness.com

A nuclear convoy was seen transporting warheads from England to Scotland on Tuesday which took two days travelling from Aldermaston to Coulport on Loch Long. NukewatchUK reported that the journey took two days and estimated that the convoy was carrying four nuclear warheads. They wrote on Twitter, “Yet another UK nuclear bomb convoy has made a two-day journey from Aldermaston/Burghfield to Coulport on Loch Long.

“Each truck is probably carrying two warheads.” Glasgow Live Reported Craig Williams wrote: “Another nuclear weapons convoy on the move earlier. “Presumably having passed right through Glasgow on the M74 and M8 heading for Coulport.”

A Twitter user wrote, this is “Scotland’s busiest road bridge running right through the centre of the city.”

However these are “normal movements” o as the nuclear warheads are regular maintained and if there were to be an accident “there is no chance of them detonating” a former submariner and police officer said.

The convoy are always accompanied by armed police as the warheads are stored in Scotland and are serviced in Aldermaston, which happens monthly and poses no risk to the public.