Baby-faced killer who stabbed teen, 16, to death told ‘rot in hell’ by lad’s dad

The dad of a murdered 16-year-old has told his jailed killer he hopes he "rots in hell" for taking his son. Teenager Dylan Holliday was with his best friend in an underpass when he was stabbed by 17-year-old Jamal Waddell 13 times, with terrifying a Rambo style knife. Dylan was able to call 999 and told operators "I'm dying" before paramedics rushed to the scene in Wellingborough, Northants, on August 5 last year.

Nothing could be done to save him and he later died in hospital, while Waddell rode away after stealing Dylan's bike. Another 15-year-old boy was stabbed in the side by Waddell and was also rushed to Northampton General Hospital, but survived. Waddell, of Leicester, was found guilty of manslaughter, inflicting grievous bodily harm and carrying a knife following a trial at Coventry Crown Court.

Man, 39, jailed after stabbing ex's mum more than 20 times before trying to run her overJamal Waddell, 17, was jailed for 12 years for Dylan's deathJamal Waddell, 17, was jailed for 12 years for Dylan's death (Northamptonshire Police / SWNS)

He was jailed for 12 years, with four years extended supervision, at the same court on Wednesday

Judge Mr Justice Dove removed reporting restrictions to allow the naming of the defendant. In a statement addressed directly to Waddell, dad Nigel Holliday said: "When you took Dylan from me, you took everything from me. Life will never be the same.

"I hope you rot in hell for what you did. What I feel for you is beyond hate."

A police officer stands near the underpass where the attack took placeA police officer stands near the underpass where the attack took place (Northamptonshire Telegraph/ SWNS)

Dylan's sister said she "loved her brother so much" and that "she knew that Dylan was looking down on them". Dee Walsh, Dylan's mum, described her son as her best friend and her soul mate and that he was her rock.

She said: "He was a lovely young man. Even though he had a stammer he would say hello to everyone." She also told the BBC after the case: "It haunts me because he died on his own, and he knew he was dying."

The judge accused Waddell of bringing "violence and chaos"The judge accused Waddell of bringing 'violence and chaos' (Northamptonshire Telegraph/ SWNS)

The killer, who admitted carrying a knife from the age of 13, claimed he had stabbed Dylan in self-defence.

The jury of five men and five women found him guilty of manslaughter in August, following a four-week trial. The killer's co-defendant, also 17, and cannot be named for legal reasons, was found guilty of inflicting GBH to Dylan's friend and carrying a knife. He was given a 12 month Youth Rehabilitation Order.

One of the floral tributes left at the scene in Dylan's memoryOne of the floral tributes left at the scene in Dylan's memory (Northamptonshire Telegraph/ SWNS)

Sentencing, the judge said: "You turned what had been a peaceful afternoon for them into violence and chaos in a matter of moments.

"Dylan Holliday was killed by you, Jamal Waddell; Dylan's friend was attacked by you the second defendant and then stabbed in the chest by you, Jamal Waddell, causing him very serious injuries indeed and leaving him in hospital. "That afternoon you, Jamal Waddell, were taken to visit your grandmother in Wellingborough having spent some time in care and supervision in Leicester. "You had the benefit of the help and advice of social workers during that time, but you disregarded and betrayed that advice when, by some means or another, you obtained a knife with a vicious blade which you then hid in your clothing and took with you to Wellingborough.

Dylan's father said he hoped Waddell "rots in hell"Dylan's father said he hoped Waddell 'rots in hell' (Northamptonshire Telegraph/ SWNS)

"As the jury found, you did not have that knife with you for your own protection but you had it with you as an offensive weapon.

"I have no doubt that, as happened, you had the intention to use it to cause serious injury to others. "The carrying of knives in public with a criminal intention has an appalling impact on the lives of our towns and cities. The deaths and injuries which are caused by these weapons shatter lives and fracture our communities.

"Everyone should listen to the lived experience of Dylan's mother, who said in her moving victim personal statement that people need to 'put the knives down and stop taking lives'. "It is a lesson which this case typifies and must be learned if our communities are going to be safe places to live." Detective Superintendent Joe Banfield, of Northamptonshire Police, said after the case: "The message is 'stop carrying knives'.

"The judge has recognised that knife crime is the scourge of our towns and cities and hopefully the sentence will be a deterrent. "But it's little comfort to his mum, dad and sister. There are no winners in this case.

"Justice has been served but it won't bring Dylan back."

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