Flower Parade trial run to take place

Trialling the Spalding Flower Parade is the next big hurdle organisers need to jump as the event gets closer. A full size HGV will be taking to the town's streets at the end of the month in a bid to reduce any potential concerns from the authorities. Stephen Timewell met with a Safety Advisory Group earlier this month to answer questions from bodies such as Lincolnshire County Council, South Holland District Council, the police, fire service and ambulance service.

Stephen Timewell (58835792)

Stephen Timewell (58835792)

Stephen Timewell (58835792)

He said: "That meeting was one of the biggest headaches we had to face as I need to try and keep everyone happy.

"During the meeting they fired loads of points at me and I think it went well.

"As a result of that meeting, we need to do a test run of the parade route with the largest possible vehicle we could potentially use. "So, we will have marshalls out as the full size HGV makes its way around town, including through the Market Place."

The trial will be taking place on Sunday, September 25, at 7.30am when it is hoped the roads will be quiet. During the meeting, Steve was told that the engines from Spalding Fire Station will be moved from the West Elloe Avenue base for parade day.

Questions had previously been raised over issues with access as the road is included within the route for the parade on May 6.