Lorry crash spills thousands of adult toys across road

A lorry crash caused chaos - and quite a lot of amusement - when it spilled thousands of sex toys onto the road. The incident in Oklahoma has been viewed millions of times online. The crash - in which nobody was injured - left a large number of boxes of sex toys and lubricants strewn across the I40 on Thursday.

The road had to be shut for several hours to clear the scene. The collision happened near a major sex-toy distribution site. Thousands of people have taken to social media to share the story.

READ MORE: Sainsbury's is hiring for over 40 jobs in Coventry The intrepid team at KWTV News 9 even launched its news helicopter to cover the incident live from the air. And the images showed just how much of a mess the crash made - and how much traffic disruption it caused.

A reporter for the channel said: "A semi overturned and lost its load here. It also involved a box truck a little bit further east. "They've already got the wreckers here but there's a lot of stuff to clean up."

People were quick to tease friends online. One said to a pal: "Your order will be late bro. Sorry for any inconvenience." Another joked: "There go my weekend plans."

Yet another witty person online quipped that while the sex toys were blocking the exit ramp, nobody would be able to get off. There was also a detailed conversation on whether there would now be a sale on the products due to the damage they suffered, reports The Star. One person joked: "These shouldn't be wasted!

They need to at least send them to third world countries for Pete's sake." Yet a more sober analysis followed. One worker said: "I work in warehousing and transportation, these will be thrown out and insurance claimed for full value.

Sex toys and lube are held to the same sanitary standards as food.

So they legally cannot resell these."