Lorry crashes shedding its load of lubricant and adult toys

A lorry filled with sex toys crashed and spilled its cargo in an accident on the I40 in Oklahoma on Thursday. Police officers were forced to close the road for a number of hours. Millions of people have watched footage of the scene online with people adding their own comments to the story.

KWTV News 9 launched its news helicopter to bring live footage from the air. No-one was injured in the smash which happened near a major sex-toy distribution facility. One user pointed out that while the sex toys were blocking the exit ramp, no-one would be able to get off.

READ MORE Meghan Markle ‘ready to return to live in UK’ after public warmth A conversation in the comments ensued on whether a sale on the products will take place due to the damage they took during the crash, reports The Star. He said: “I work in warehousing and transportation, these will be thrown out and insurance claimed for full value.

Sex toys and lube are held to the same sanitary standards as food. So they legally cannot resell these.” One user replied: “These shouldn’t be wasted!

They need to at least send them to third world countries for Pete’s sake.”