Mum’s anger after son forced to cycle with HS2 lorries amid bus route closure

A mother lives in fear since her son was forced on the road with HS2 lorries after their bus connection was axed. Janey Wall's family lives along the A413 between Amersham and Chalfont St Giles, connected to the nearby villages by bus before the Carousel 105 service was axed in July following low passenger numbers recorded by bus company.   Now her 16-year-old son has no choice, but to brave the busy A413 traffic on his bike to get to Amersham to catch his onwards bus 1A to High Wycombe, where he attends the Royal Grammar School, as most of that section of A-road has no pavement or path.

READ MORE: Chalfont Epilepsy Society's plans attract concern The worried mother said: "Now, I'm really concerned about him cycling to Amersham, because obviously there's a lot of HS2 trucks along the A413, and it's not very wide in places. "In places there's a road island, and the traffic has to stop, because there's no room for a cyclist and an overtaking vehicle."

Both Mrs Wall and her husband work in the mornings and day - Mrs Wall often starting work at 5.30am, meaning she can't drive her son to Amersham. "Why it's so frustrating, is that one of the reasons we moved to the house, is the good transport links. You could walk to Chalfont and Latimer tube, you could get the bus to Amersham or Uxbridge.

"Now, no bus service at all, and it rather changes it. "We now feel more remote than we did. "There are many people along that stretch who can't get anywhere.

"I'm really worried for my son, deep in my gut, for him cycling there along the A143 because of the extra HS2 traffic. We're talking huge trucks." She disputed Carousel's claim of low passenger numbers on their stretch of A413, after hearing from other people plagued by the closure of 105 service.

READ MORE: M&S pay tribute after 'sudden' death of Amersham worker Carousel Buses Interim managing director Luke Marion said: "Bus service patronage has only recovered to around 80 percent to 85 percent of pre-Covid levels. "We have been supported via Government funding during our recovery, but it is being reduced and we cannot run as many services in a financially sustainable way as we did prior to the pandemic.

"Under the terms of government COVID-19 emergency funding provided to bus operators, we were required to work with Buckinghamshire Council to conduct a network review in the summer. "It identified the section of route between Chalfont St Giles and Amersham was not sufficiently used. Therefore, changes to service provision had to be made to make the network more sustainable.

"We received extensive feedback from residents via Facebook and from councillor Simon Rouse that they wished to see a link established between the Chalfonts and Little Chalfont.

This was the reason why we chose to amend the service pattern to operate via the B4442 rather than the A413, which was previously operated and which saw very low usage."