Road worker gets a shock after being caught driving while on phone

Road workers would normally be expected to follow the rules of the road to the letter, given the fact they are responsible for putting out temporary traffic lights, cones and helping to keep motorists safe. But one was caught doing exactly the opposite when he was spotted by a covert police officer using his phone while driving along a busy road. The offender was driving a highway maintenance truck when he was clocked using his phone by a cop on an unmarked motorway and pulled over.

Despite it being clearly visible from the big black lettering on his truck and temporary traffic lights sticking out the back that he was a road worker, he still took the risk. Officers said it was a "shock" to see the road worker breaking the rules of the road, particularly as they do all they can to protect road workers. Police said the brazen worker would now be prosecuted after being pulled over on the busy A500 in Staffordshire.

READ MORE: Big rise in suspected modern slavery cases in West Midlands Staffs Police Roads Policing Unit said on Twitter: "The driver of this traffic management van was seen by our unmarked bike using a mobile phone whilst driving along A500 and will face prosecution now. We try and protect our colleagues working on tirelessly on our roads, so this was a shock to see this."

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